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France Information and Reference Guide

As of January 2007 this section has been complemented by the Guides to France, however it will be enriched with new content about the French way of life, with general and practical information about France and tools.

If you need more information about France why not try posting a message to our discussion forum.

Within the French-Property.com Reference Section you can find numerous articles and services to help you find out about:


Useful Information and Handy Tools

Metric and Imperial Conversion Charts and Tables

If you plan to buy a property in France use this metric and imperial conversion charts and tables for measurements like centimetres, inches, distance, units, length, area, weight, mass, volume, capacity and temperature...

Public and School Holidays in France 2013

Public and School Holidays in France 2013 - 2014. There are a few national holidays that do not occur in other countries...

French Clothing & Shoe Size Conversion

Clothing Conversions - As the French clothing and shoes sizes differ from those in the UK, we have created conversion tables and charts to...

Driving in France & French Road Driving Rules

Driving & French driving rules - The most important road rule when driving in France is to remember to drive on the right. There are other rules you should take note of if you plan on driving a car...

French Emergency Numbers and Information Websites

Emergency French contact numbers and information websites - Here are a few contact numbers and websites that you may find useful or necessary if there is an emergency...

French Mortgage Calculator

If you are thinking of borrowing money to buy a house, this calculator will help to determine the monthly payments for a standard mortgage, where...

French Mortgages

Thinking of financing your property purchase in France? Find out about great mortgage deals here...

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General Information about France

Learn More about France

Information about the French flag, history, the national anthem, embassy and consulates worldwide and about learning the language...

Learn More about the French Regions

Facts and information about each French region. General Information, geography and info about the French population, the...

Learn More about the French Principalities, Monaco and Andorra, and the Belfort Territory

The best known surviving princely states resulting from the History of France are the Monaco principality and Andorra (co-principality), whilst the "Territoire de Belfort" is...

France Facts, Learn More About The French

France is a wonderful country. Here are some other detailed facts about the French, their economy, transport and population. If you need extra information about the...

History of each French Region

The local history is very important, often being the basis of the French culture. Discover the regional history thanks to our interactive map...

Regional Weather and Climate Info

This interactive map enables you to have local weather information...

The Job Market in France

If you are interested in moving overseas and are interested in a new life, then find out how it is like to work in France...

French Sporting Events

Sporting Events - There are numerous sport events held, the major ones are the Tour de France, 24 hours of Le Mans...

The top 5 magazines dealing with France

A list of the best magazines dealing with our favourite country, brought to you by French-Property.com...

Festivals in France - Summer 2008

Many interesting festivals take place throughout the summer. Why not give it a try!

Festivals in France in summer 2009

More festivals in summer 2009, to the up-most delight of French people and tourists. Events worthwhile on offer!

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Food, Wine, Aperitifs in France

Aperitif Drinks in France

The traditional Apéritif is a real friendly ritual. Generally before dinner, when inviting relatives or friends, French people like to sip some cocktails, fruit juice or alcohol drinks like Pastis, Pineau des Charentes wine, Suze, Martini - and many other liqueurs. This typical French habit...

Digestive Drinks in France

The "Digestif", served at the end of the meal, is a real convivial, gourmet ritual. Helping the digestion process, Digestive Drinks also give you the opportunity to taste some gems of the French food and gastronomy, including liqueurs, eaux de vie, brandies and other fruity alcohols...

Table Etiquette and Restaurant Manners

As the French table etiquette and manners are very particular and can seem obscure to foreigners, we give you some tips to...

Restaurants in France

France is highly renowned for its Food and Gastronomy and provides a wide range of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars where you can enjoy...

French Food, Gastronomy of France

Food in France - Information about food traditions, best specialities in each region, written by Frenchmen. Gastronomy is dealt with very seriously, food specialities being often closely related to...

Glossary of the French Regional Food

French Regional Food - Information about the specialities and delicacies of every region. Our glossary gives you an insight into the most renowned cuisines of France and the finest gourmet products. To fully enjoy the French cooking, you need to know some aspects of the origins and recipes of the regional dishes....

French Wine Regions

French Wine Regions - Information about red, rose and white wines produced in the French regions as well as about the liqueurs, eau de vie and beers produced in France.

The Best French Wine Vintages

Wines represent for France a wonderful historical, cultural and economic legacy. The wine vintage tables below will help you to identify the best years and vintages for some of the most renowned French wines like the Bordeaux and Champagne Wines.

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Living in France - Getting to know the Culture

Taxation in France

Local Taxes - There are two local taxes which are both based on the property's theoretical rental value: the taxe d'habitation and the taxe foncière...

French Shops & Shopping in France

Shopping in France - There is not that much difference between shopping there and shopping in other countries, however, there are some facts you may want to take note of...

French Newspapers

Newspapers - Information about the main French newspapers; national newspapers and more localized regional and departmental newspapers...

Television in France

Television - There are 6 terrestrial tv channels like TF1, France 2...

PMU in France, French gambling

What is the French PMU? Find in this page all the information you need. French newsagents, gambling and horse racing...

Phone in France, Mobile Phones and Operators

Using the telephone - French dialling numbers, calling other countries, main mobile phone operators...

Football in France

Introduction to the football system and leagues, the best renowned teams in France...

Learn more about the French Culture

Culture in France - the History of the country, great periods of Art, Literature traditions, the language...

Learn French

"Pawlez-vous Fwançais ?" To become familiar with the French Language and culture, you will find here information and handy tools regarding Speaking, Learning and Translating French. Either through schools...

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Spending Holidays in France

Travel and Transport

The different ways to go to France exposed for you. The transport network is one of the best ones in the world. Enjoy!

Spend Holidays

There are many reasons to decide to go on holiday in France. The French benefit from a pleasant weather during 2/3 of the year and especially in the South, the climate is very mild and warm. The culture...

Alternative Holidays and Adventure Tours in France

For those of you who are keen on hiking, cycling, even windsurfing, let's follow our guide about Alternative Holidays and Activity Tours in France!

Pet-friendly Holidays in France

Going on holidays in France is always very exciting, but the prospect of leaving behind your four-legged friend makes you feel sad... Therefore, why not taking your pet with you?

Accessible/ Disabled Access Holidays

We have summed up useful information to help you spend great holidays in France, adapted to your needs. The info is dedicated to wheelchair users but also deaf or blind people...


Vacations in France are a must. Thus it is no wonder to see that France is the first touristic destination in the world and is always attracting more visitors...

Sightseeing in Paris, do a Paris Break!

Paris is an outstanding city. It has many features on offer as the famous Louvre museum, the Eiffel Tower and Sacré Coeur basilica, the Montmartre...

French Hotels - Accommodation in France

A useful overview of the French Accommodation range. France has more than 17, 000 hotels, inns and motels on offer, from Tourist Hotels to Gites de France and...

Overview of The French Alps

The Alps are a wonderful mountain range with plenty of rare animal, plant and tree species. It is also a perfect skiing holiday place...

Camping in France - Campsites and Camping Holidays

A brief guide to camping and the best French campsites. France is the ideal place to do camping, especially the south of...

The French Atlantic Coast

Presentation of the French Atlantic coast. The West of France boasts beautiful landscapes including both beaches and wetlands, but it also...

Blue Flag Beaches in France

A Blue Flag beach is a French public or private beach that respects quality standards of water, facilities, safety and environmental management. Nowadays, almost...

French National Parks and Nature Reserves

French National Parks and Nature Reserves - Being quite a big country, France has many national parks. Amongst these parks is the biggest national park in Europe...

Ski in France

France is one of the best countries for ski holidays. Find the perfect place among the numerous and worlwide famous French ski resorts. Concerning accommodation for such holidays...

The French Pyrenees Mountains

The Pyrenees mountains being half-French, half-Spanish, are a must if you plan to spend skiing holidays next winter or summer. These mountains...

Holiday Homes in France

France is the most visited country of the world. Thousands of French houses, villas or cottages are rent every year. Instead of just renting a house for your holidays, why not buy a second holiday home? Let's have a look at the different alternatives...

The French Islands along the Atlantic

The French Atlantic Islands are pure gems. Along the Atlantic Ocean coastline you can see Belle Ile en Mer, Ile d'Oléron and Ile de Ré islands or smaller ones like Noirmoutier, Yeu and Aix islands....

South of France

The south of France is a very popular holiday destination, with beautiful landscapes and lots of various activities. But are you sure you really make the most of what it offers you...

French Riviera

Let's discover the Côte d'Azur! The southeastern part of France is and will definitely remain a great place for holidays. Why is this area so famous all over the world? The seemingly endless beaches and the expensive shops...

Marshes in the west of France

The Atlantic coast gives you the opportunity to discover different astonishing natural marshes like the famou Marais Poitevin or the outstanding Mont Saint Michel. All along the western coast, these authentic, preserved salt marshes...

Ecotourism in France

Nowadays, environment-friendly tourism is very trendy all over the wolrd. What about France? Is this kind of tourism developed? French-property.com evaluates the situation and suggests you original holiday destinations for ecotourism...

Theme Parks in France

Welcome to the French-Property.com guide to theme parks in France. Providing you and your family with a single point of reference when choosing what to do and where to go when in France.

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Buying a Property in France

Buying a property in France

The laws relevant to the purchase of a property, depend to some extent on the type of property you buy. For example, a vineyard or farm will be subject to...

French Property Prices

Find the average prices in each region of France...


French Villas are definitely some sort of small heavens on earth! Either in the middle of the Rhone-Alps countryside, near the Burgundy vineyards, or in the Aquitaine hinterland...


French Cottages are part of these traditional family houses that make the pride of rural regions. Such authentic cottage properties are...

Exhibitions about French Property

French Property exhibitions and trade shows will definitely help you to choose or build your perfect second home in France, offering useful info about...

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House Renovation and Restoration

Glossary of French Building Terms

French Building terms with their English equivalent. Abîmer - deteriorate, abonnement - standing charge, abri - shelter, acajou - mahagony, accueil - reception...

French Architecture - Traditional Houses

This page introduces the French architecture and traditional house types found in France. The residential architecture is very varied and traditional French houses are obviously not the same between Brittany, Franche-Comte...

Renovate a House in France

Here is some help to renovate a French property. A few building 'hints' to consider when buying and renovating a house. Often expectations are high when first looking for a home in France, but a...

Valuations and Surveys in France

Perhaps the major problem faced by everyone intending to buy an old property - habitable or not - is the question of whether the house is basically sound...

Planning Applications

In France, if you want to change the external appearance of your property you will need a planning permission called...

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French-Property.com Legal Column

Glossary of French Legal Terms

A list of legal terms to help you grasp these very difficult and technical words. Acompte - sum paid in advance (a certain percentage of the purchase price). Acte authentique...

Buying and Selling a French property

You have been to French property exhibitions; you have travelled around the many regions and seen many properties. You have now at last found without any...

The Initial Property Sale Contract

In this article, we explain the Compromis de Vente or Promesse de Vente which is essentially adapted for a vendor who wants the purchaser to be...

The Role of the Notaire in France

With about 5,000 offices, 7,500 notaires and 40,000 assistants, the notarial profession has representation all over France and has an effective monopoly....

Completion of the French Property Sale or Purchase

We have in our previous articles explained the different stages in the process of buying a house in France. We will now look at what happens on the completion day. Completion...

After Completion - Some Worries

We are at the time now when the pleasure of owning a second home in France starts to create some worries in the minds of owners. The proof is in the number...

The Compromis or Promesse de Vente

You have now found the property that you want to buy; you have been able to check all the pros and cons, to discuss with the estate agent or the vendor the...

The Clauses Suspensives

The clause suspensive is a let-out clause: with the property market in France for purchasers becoming more active given the strength of some currencies it would be sensible to recap on the buying process....

Pre-emption Rights in France

When a Seller disposes of their property it is vital to understand that certain authorities have the right (droit de préemption) to purchase the property in priority...

Divorce and Property Ownership in France

With the increase in couples purchasing a second property as a holiday home there inevitably can be problems when the couple decide to divorce....

Checklist of the French Property Buyer - 10 Points to Watch Out For

More and more people are buying in France but there is still a lot of information they need to bear in mind about the condition of the house. The following ten points are the minimum to...

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