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If you are unable to find a suitable answer to a question, please contact a member of our team via our contact us page.

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Advertising Questions

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Advertising Questions

Bullet pointWhy should I advertise on was the first French property portal (established in 1995), we are the leading brand and have an established and loyal customer base.

We are a family-run business with a focus on providing good customer support to help make the process as easy as possible. Our staff are happy to help and offer assistance in both French & English.

We have over 74,000 registered members with over 32,000 members receiving regular property emails with property matching their requirements. Our website is well indexed for the major search terms and we have an expanding network of websites to extend the online visibility of your property.

We also host the French Village property exhibitions at A Place in the Sun Live in Birmingham and London. These events provide huge exposure for the company and a brand that can be trusted by our customers.

Please see our company statistics and testimonials for more information.

Bullet pointDo you charge commission or any other fees?

No commission. We only charge a one-off upfront advertising fee. If you rent your property via then you will not be charged again.

Bullet pointWhat is the difference between Standard and Premium adverts?

Premium adverts benefit from the following features:

Highlighted advert: Premium adverts are highlighted blue in our search engine to give them greater prominence. example advert

Dual listing: Premium adverts are listed twice in our search engine. They have a standard search listing and a preferential listing at the top of the search results pages. Please see our rental advertiser help guide for more information.

Images: Premium adverts allow for unlimited images. Images are important when advertising property online, they add significant value to your advert and help to attract serious enquiries.

Advert Assessments: Premium adverts receive a personalised advert assessment. A personalised assessment helps you to maximise the success of your online advert. For more information see What is an Advert Assessment?

Free Translations: Premium adverts include a free advert translation from French to English.


Bullet pointAm I entering into an exclusive agreement or can I advertise elsewhere?

Rental advertisers are not entering into an exclusive agreement. An advert on will not prevent you from advertising the property elsewhere.

Bullet pointWho receives the enquiries and arranges bookings?

The advert is essentially an online version of a newspaper classified advert. All enquiries made about your property will be sent directly to your email address. All enquiries are stored on your account and are accessible online. All subsequent correspondence, including organising bookings / viewing needs to be organised by yourself. For more information please consult our help pages.

Bullet pointHow do I advertise my property on the homepage?

It is possible to advertise your rental property as a banner advert on the homepage.

If you do not have the suitable banner, we can create a banner on your behalf using a template system. To do this we will need 3-5 high quality images of your property.

This product differs from our Standard and Exhibition products. For more information and our prices please see our banner advertising page.

Bullet pointHow do I advertise my property in a banner advert?

It is possible to advertise your property for rent as a banner advert on our website.

If you do not have the suitable banner, we can create a banner on your behalf. To do this we will need 3-5 high quality images of your property.

This product differs from our Standard and Exhibition products. For more information and our prices please see our banner advertising page.

Bullet pointHow do I advertise a property for sale?

We offer a separate private sale product, for more information please see our French private sale page.

Support Questions

Bullet pointHow do I begin advertising?

If you are already registered simply login and select "My Rentals" from the left hand menu and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are not yet a member of the website, you may register here. Once registered, simply follow the onscreen instructions.

For a full guide or if you require help please see our private advertiser help guide

Bullet pointHow do I pay for an advert?

Via our secure payment partner Sage Pay, we offer online payment using a debit or credit card.

We also accept PayPal payments and bank transfers. More information about making all these payment can be found in our online invoicing system once you have created your advert.

Mastercard payments accepted Visa payments accepted Visa Debit payments accepted Visa Electron payments accepted PayPal payments accepted Secured by Sage Pay

Bullet pointWho can I contact to discuss advertising?

If you wish to email or telephone a member of the team please go to our contact us page.

Bullet pointCan I change the advert details and photos once my advert is online?

Simply log back into your account and navigate to the advert you have already created. Select the option to edit your property, from here you can change any of the details on the advert. There is no additional cost for making amendments to your advert. For more assistance please consult our help pages or contact a member of our support team from our contact us page.

Bullet pointHow can I attract interest to my advert?

We always advise our customers to try and create the most thorough advert possible to make the most of their advertising. For a full guide on creating an attractive advert please see our private advertiser help guide.

We also recommend our spotclick product to increase the exposure of you advert across the website. Please see the following page for more information

Bullet pointWhat is an advert assessment?

Advert assessments are only provided to Standard advertisers. When your advert is placed online a member of our team will assess the quality of your advert and email you with recommendations on how to improve your advert. We offer this service as we understand that you might not know what to expect when advertising online. Our advice is based on 15 years experience and aims to improve your advertising experience.

Bullet pointCan you assist with the creation and management of my advert?

Yes. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service provided and offer support in both French & English. If you experience difficulty creating or editing your advert, please consult our help pages. If you still require assistance then please contact a member of our support team from our contact us page.

Bullet pointDo you provide a translation service?

Yes. We offer free translation for Standard advertisers. We are only able to translate from French to English or vice-versa.

Bullet pointCan I include a hyperlink on my advert?

You may include an external web address in your advert description. Unfortunately, it will not appear as a clickable link as our system does not allow for the inclusion of hyperlinks.

Bullet pointHow can I protect my personal information?

We take every possible measure to prevent illegitimate enquiries, however, we are unable to block them entirely. There are a number of measures you can take to protect yourself when advertising on any website.

We recommend not displaying your phone number or any other personal details in the content of your advert.

All online enquiries are sent via email so the enquirer does not have access to any personal information until you disclose this through correspondence. Therefore, it is always necessary to be vigilant before sending any replies.

We would also recommend that you create a new free email address specifically for the rental of your property. This will prevent your personal email address from being disclosed.

For a complete guide on how to protect yourself when advertising on please see our private advertiser help guide.

Bullet pointDo you liaise with tenants and arrange the rental of my property?

No. All enquiries are sent to you automatically via our online enquiry system. Advertisers need to follow up the enquiries directly and liaise with potential buyers. We send you a weekly enquiry report and you are also able to view all of your enquires and statistics online.

(Please view our guides to renting and letting property in France for information about what to do when you find a potential buyer: and

Bullet pointDo you provide advert performance statistics?

Yes. You can view daily and monthly advert statistics for property views and enquiries. To view your statistics, simply login and select "My Rentals" from the left hand menu and then click on the "statistics" link displayed beneath your advert price.

Bullet pointWhere can I find more information about

Please visit our about us page:

Bullet pointHow many photos can I upload?

The standard advert package only includes up to 10 photos.

Bullet pointCan I market my property with a local letting agent?

Yes. You can use a letting agent to market your property at any time. Your advertising with is not on an exclusive basis. | English: +44 (0)207 1352222 | Français: +44 (0)207 1352220 | French flag Version Française