Printed Advertising with The Connexion

This guide is designed to help private advertisers who want to publish their advert in an issue of The Connexion Newspaper

If you have any questions which are not detailed here or would like some more information please contact our support team at

Logging into your Account

  • First, log into your account using your username and password. Your username is typically the email address used to register your account.

  • The Log-in box is located in the top left of the homepage, just under the Home button, as shown on the right. If you are not a registered user, click the Register link to create an account.

Account Homepage

Account Homepage

Once logged in, you will arrive directly on your customer portal. You can also access this page by clicking Your Account Home located in the top right hand side of the homepage. From your Account Home you can select "Connexion Advertising" which is highlighted in red in the screenshot

Advert Type and Currency

Duration of Advert and Preferred Currency

After selecting "Connexion Advertising" you will be presented with a single page asking you to confirm your name and postal address (this will not be published) alongside two drop down menus to select the duration of your printed advert and your preferred currency for payment of the advert.

  • 1 Issue - 60 Euros Inc. VAT
  • 3 Issues - 150 Euros Inc. VAT
  • 6 Issues - 275 Euros Inc. VAT

Select Property and Enter Description

Advert Details and Telephone Number

Scrolling further down the page you will be prompted to provide the following optional information (if a description is not supplied we will create one based on your adverts description).

  • A Description of up to 30 words.
  • A Telephone Number.
  • Display Phone Number Option

Mock of Printed Adverts

Your Published Advert

Once you have submitted and made a payment for the advert, full details will be sent directly to The Connexion who will arrange for your advert to appear in the next possible issue.

The screenshot to the right illustrates how your advert will appear in The Connexion Newspaper.

Readers of The Connexion Newspaper can either look on the website and find your advert using it's reference or they can call you directly if you have opted to provide a phone number.

Adverts published on The Connexion website can be found here online:

Connexion Property Adverts

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