Advertising your French Rental Property

Advertising your rental property on is a quick, simple and effective way to ensure enquiries and income from your rental business.


First you will need to login to the website. If you are not already registered you can Register Online for free.

Once logged into your account click on the My Rentals link on the left hand menu and you will be presented with the Rental Advertisement Management System. From here you may create, edit and view your rental adverts. To create a new advert simply click on the Create a New Rental Advertisement link on this page and you will be directed through our creation wizard which will guide you through the advert creation process.


The first stage of the rental creation wizard asks for a property title, a description, a price and some additional information about your rental property.

We recommend that you enter as much information as possible including details about the local area and the benefits of staying at your property.

Rental Details

The second stage of the process asks for information regarding the additional features of your property and its availability.

Once you have finalised your property details click proceed. Do not worry if you have omitted some information at this stage (unless it is a required field) as you can return to it at a later date and edit the advert if required.


You will be directed to an advert overview page which previews your advert as well as supplying a number of links at the top of the page. To add images to your property please click on the Add or Remove the images associated with this property link.


To add images to your property, simply browse for the image files on your local machine and click on the Upload button. Once uploaded you may edit the images and the ordering of your images using the onscreen options. When you are happy with your changes press proceed to save your images and to return to the advert overview page.

When you are happy with your advert click on the Publish Advertisement button on the overview page to put the advert live on the website.

The final page of the process will prompt you to agree to the Advertising terms and conditions for rental adverts. Once you have agreed to the terms your advert will be published for up for 12 months.

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