Rental Pricing and Availability

After providing a detailed description about your property, its local area and the local visitor attractions, it is necessary to supply additional pricing information. It is possible to do this on stage two of the creation process, or at a later date if you wish. The system allows you to specify the cost of renting your property at different times of the year. On the same page it is also possible to specify additional property features.

Additional Property Information

Additional Property Information

The Additional Property Information section can be accessed by selecting to edit your property from the "Rental Property Management System" and continuing to the second page.

Here you may select all of the features that relate to your rental property (parking, sundries, suitability for children and disabled access etc.) simply tick any of the boxes which apply to your property.

Additional Property Information Entered

Entering Available Months and Relevant Prices

Further down this page you can specify your high and low seasons prices and dates.

Please enter your dates in dd/mm/yyyy format and remember to assign a price to each of the time periods, ideally this price should reflect the high and low season prices specified on the description page.

Once you are happy with your changes simply click on the "Save and Continue" button.

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