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Featured Properties and Spotclicks

Would you like to improve the chances of selling your property by enhancing its visibility? Featured property adverts are the perfect way for you to promote your property on our site.

Featured properties as they appear on the homepage

A Featured Property advert is an abbreviated property advert which appears on the key pages of, including the Homepage. Featured adverts include a thumbnail image of the property, a brief description, the price and location. These adverts are displayed throughout the website and encourage more visitors to view your property, increasing the interest in your property.

When you create a Featured Property advert, it is placed within a pool of Featured Properties. Every time a page displaying Featured Properties is viewed, it will randomly display a selection of Featured Properties. The algorithm used to generate the Featured Properties ensures that the properties are selected randomly and, over time, are all given equal exposure.

To feature a property it is first necessary to buy some Spotclicks. Every time a user clicks on a Featured Property, they are directed to your full property advertisement and one Spotclick is deducted from your account.

Purchase SpotClicks

To purchase Spotclicks simply login to your account and click on the Purchase Spotclicks link in the left hand navigation bar on your Account Home.

Simply follow the online instructions and you can process the payment securely and swiftly online. The process includes the ability for you to assign your newly purchased clicks to your property as well as being able to specify the title to be used. Upon processing this information and your payment, your property will be featured on the website until you run out of Spotclicks.

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