How to Receive Emails to your Yahoo Email Account

1) Login to your Yahoo mailbox.

2) Once logged in click on "Options" on the top right of the page and click on the “Mail options” tab (may also be named "More Options").

3) Click on “filters” in the left menu and select “create or edit filters”.

4) When you arrive on the mail filters page select “Add”.

5) Please enter the following information:

  • Filter name: (or similar)
  • Add as the from address. Please ensure the address is all in lower case.
  • Leave everything else on the page unchanged.

6) Then select "choose a folder"

On this page, choose the inbox folder in order to receive the e-mail sent by into your inbox folder directly.

7) Do not forget to click On “Add a Filter” for the changes to be saved.

8) If everything is successful, you should see the filters page (below) with a new mail rule set up to receive email from our website.

This will allow all emails sent by to arrive in your inbox instead of your spam folder.

If you experience any other difficulties with emails please contact our support team.

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