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Newsletter Issue 167: 04/11/2015

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you, as your experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

David Yeates

French House Prices in Second Quarter 2015

An analysis of the movement in house prices in France to the end of June, for each department of France.

French Property Market 04/11/2015

Flood Risk Areas in France

The deaths of 20 people as a result of flooding recently in the Côte d'Azur serves as a tragic reminder of the risk of flooding in certain areas of France.

Property in France 04/11/2015

Auto-Entrepreneur or Regime Reel?

Much is frequently made of the advantage of the 'pay-as-you-go' contribution basis for auto-entrepreneurs, but the argument can be overplayed.

Business in France 04/11/2015

Sterling/Euro Currency Review Oct 2015

October proved to be an extremely volatile month for euro buyers as sterling recovered from a disappointing start to the month, to touch 10-week highs against the sing...

Money in France 04/11/2015

Estate Agents Code of Conduct

Estate agents in France are now obliged to operate under a substantive code of ethics that has been enshrined in statute law.

Property in France 04/11/2015

Ruyter Social Charges Reimbursements

The French government have issued formal guidance on the reimbursement of social charges imposed on those not affiliated to the social security system in France.

French Taxation 04/11/2015

Cheapest House Prices in Brittany

The cheapest twenty communes in Brittany in which to buy a house for up to around €100,000.

French Property Market 04/11/2015

Towards a Unified French Health System

Major changes are planned in the operational arrangements of the French health service, with streamlining of the insurance system and the method of payment to doctors.

Health in France 04/11/2015

Architects and Planning Applications in France

An architect has a legal obligation to submit a planning application that complies with planning regulations, a French court has ruled.

Building & Renovation 04/11/2015

Bringing Your Pension Lump Sum to France

Does it make sense to take a lump sum pension payment in the UK before you relocate or to do so after you have moved to France?

French Taxation 04/11/2015

Paris Council Pre-empts on Apartment Sales

The city council in Paris have launched an ambitious programme of property acquisitions by pre-emption, sparking a legal challenge by apartment owners. 

Property in France 04/11/2015

Cleaning of Chimneys and Flue Pipes

There is no smoke without fire, and no safe fire without regular cleaning of your chimney. We go through the regulations and costs.

Building & Renovation 02/11/2010

Building Land Prices in France 2014

The average price of a building plot in France in 2014 was €78m², an increase of 7.7% over 2013, but with large variations between regions.

French Property Market 04/11/2015

Properties For Sale In Brittany

A selection of properties in Brittany for sale, currently being advertised on French-Property.com. 

Property Picks 04/11/2015

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