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Emergency Numbers in France

  • European general emergency number (40 languages spoken including English) - 112
  • National centre for emergency calls for deaf and people with hearing problems - 122
  • Fire brigade - 18
  • SAMU/ medical urgency - 15
  • Emergency doctor (SOS Médecins) - 0820.33.24.24
  • Police or Gendarmerie (automatically redirected to the nearest station) - 17
  • Missing children - 116.000
  • Social emergency - 115
  • French Red cross - 0800.858.858
  • Rape helpline - 0800.05.95.95
  • Drugs/ tobacco/ alcohol helpline - 113
  • Racial discrimination helpline - 114
  • Aids helpline - 0800.84.08.00
  • Cancer helpline - 0810.810.821
  • Lost or stolen bank card helpline - 0836.69.08.80
  • Talking clock - 3699
  • English Speaking Helpline -
  • Childline - 119
  • Domestic violence helpline - 3919

Useful Websites dealing with France

British Embassy - Paris - France
35 rue du Faubourg St Honoré
75383 Paris Cedex 08
Tel: 01 44 51 31 00
Fax: 01 44 51 32 88

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