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Mobiles in France - French Phone Operators - Dialling Codes

French Dialling Codes

In 1996, France changed to a ten-digit numbering scheme, as follows:


  • 01 Paris.
  • 02 Northwest France.
  • 03 Northeast France.
  • 04 Southeast France.
  • 05 Southwest France.
  • 06 Mobile phone services.
  • 08 Special services, including Freephone (numéro vert) and premium rates.
  • 09 Other services (services de communications interpersonnelles), including VoIP (such as Skype), mobile/landline grouped services, internet phone and other new technologies.
  • 00 International dialling code.
  • 33 France dialling code.

When you are in France, you must dial 0044 before the number if you want to call someone in England.

Dialling codes 1

  • 1010: Telecommunication operator.
  • 11: Former minitel directory. (now 3611)
  • 112: European urgency number.
  • 118-XYZ: Access to the directory enquiries.
  • 12: Former directory enquiries number.
  • 15: SAMU (medical urgency).
  • 17: Police.
  • 18: Fire brigade.
  • 19: Former international dialling code. (now 00)

Dialling codes 3

  • 3611: Minitel Directory (The 3 first minutes are free).
  • 3613: Commercial Minitel kiosk.
  • 3611: Commercial Minitel kiosk.
  • 3615: Commercial Minitel kiosk.
  • 3617: Commercial Minitel kiosk.
  • 3635: SNCF (the French train company).
  • 3636: Public services.
  • 3637: Telethon (TV charity event).
  • 3699: Talking clock.

Mobile Phones in France

Mobile Phone Usage in France

Years 1990 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2003 2005 2006
Number of French Cellular Phones (in million) 0,28 1,3 2,46 5,82 11,21 20,6 29,68 35,92 42,2 45,4 48.4

French Mobile Phone Operators

In France, there are only 3 mobile operators:

  • Orange

    Orange Ltd is a mobile network operator and an Internet service provider that is a subsidiary of France Télécom. Orange also belongs to the FreeMove mobile phone alliance. Orange is now the unique commercial facade of almost all France Telecom services. Click here to visit the website.

  • SFR


    SFR (originally Société Française de Radiotéléphonie, no longer expanded) is a French mobile phone company. It has 17 million clients, including (as of January 2007) over 2 million using 3G (specifically UMTS) technology. It is currently 56% owned by the French group Vivendi and 44% by mobile phone giant, Vodafone. Rumours often circulate concerning the possibility of Vodafone increasing its shareholding, but Vodafone's recent sale of minority shares in mature markets such as Belgium and Switzerland, and its recent interest in emerging markets such as Turkey and India, suggest that such an increase is not an immediate prospect. Click here to visit the Website.

  • Bouygues Telecom


    Created in 1994, Bouygues Telecom now has 8.7 million customers, including 6.2 million with contracts. Its ambition is to become the "preferred brand of mobile communication services" to further improve customer service. Click here to visit the Website.

Source : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Téléphonie_mobile£££Wikipedia£££

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