Franche Comte Property Prices

Prices in Franche Comte have been very steadily increasing in recent years.

[td colspan="6" class="bg_header"]Franche Comte General Figures [td colspan="6" class="bg_header"]Total property [td colspan="5" class="cms"]523 869 [td colspan="6" class="bg_header"]Property Usage [td colspan="5" class="cms"]452 444 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]39 004 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]32 421 [td colspan="6" class="bg_header"]Property Type [td colspan="5" class="cms"]322 560 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]201 503 [td colspan="6" class="bg_header"]Ownership [td colspan="5" class="cms"]256 561 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]174 751 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]20 812 [td colspan="6" class="bg_header"]Property Size [td colspan="5" class="cms"]20 967 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]41 805 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]87 503 [td colspan="5" class="cms"]301 849
Housing stock
Primary residence
Second home
Vacant home
Detached house
2 rooms
3 rooms
4+ rooms

[td colspan="5" class="bg_header"]Franche Comte Property Prices
Department Jura Haute-Saône Doubs Territoire de Belfort
Sales (€/m2) 1 215 No Info 1 861 1 678
Rental (€/m2/month) 7, No Info 9 No Info

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