Driving in France

Welcome to our Guide to Driving in France.

The guide has been prepared primarily for those planning to relocate to France, with a focus on registration requirements, but in due course we shall be preparing more information and advice for those travelling to France by road on holiday or business.

Some important points to note from these guides:

  • If you incur a minor driving offence you can reduce the level of the fine by early payment.

  • If you become resident in France you are obliged to register a foreign registered vehicle with a new French registration.

  • The vehicle registration process is entirely on-line.

  • The level of registration taxes in France can be high, particularly for high-polluting and/or high horse-power vehicles.

  • Those from the EEA are not required to change their driving licence.

  1. Driving Offences and Penalties
  2. Importing and Registering a Vehicle
  3. Vehicle Registration Process & Transfer of Ownership
  4. Vehicle Registration Taxes
  5. MOT Vehicle Tests
  6. Obtaining a French Driving Licence
  7. Use of Vehicle Accident Forms in France
  8. Crit'Air Emissions Sticker
  9. Grants for Electric Cars
  10. Scrapping a Vehicle

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