Guide to Letting Property in France

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Letting French Property, for current and prospective landlords of property in France.

In the guide we cover both furnished and unfurnished accommodation - holiday, annual lettings, chambre d'hôtes and gites.

The guide should also be of use to those looking to rent property in France, although we also have a separate, specific guide for tenants at Renting Property in France.

Letting property in France can be a tax efficient method of obtaining a second income.

However, you need to choose your property and your tenant with care, as returns vary substantially across the country and tenants who occupy the property as their main residence have strong of security of tenure.

  1. Introduction
  2. Top Tips
  3. Business Registration
  4. Taxation of Rental Income
  5. Local Property Taxes/Rates
  6. Advertising
  7. Selecting Your Tenant
  8. Tenancy Agreements
  9. Statutory Surveys
  10. Condition Report/L’Etat des Lieux
  11. What Can I Charge in Rent?
  12. Duration of Tenancy
  13. Protection Against Arrears of Rent
  14. Property Insurance Obligations
  15. Landlord Repairing Obligations
  16. Tenant Repairs & Alterations
  17. Sub-Letting
  18. Transfer of the Tenancy
  19. Termination of Tenancy
  20. Getting Advice and Disputes
  21. Housing Benefits
  22. Legal Proceedings

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