Guide to Renting Property in France

Welcome to our Guide to Renting Property in France.

The guide has been written for those seeking to rent property in France on a medium to long term basis, as well as those seeking to rent holiday accommodation.

In the main the guide focuses on the medium to long term lettings, as the regulations for holiday lettings are less strict than for properties let on an annual basis.

However, where appropriate, we draw attention to any important points of law and practice as they affect holiday rental properties.

This is a complementary guide to our Guide to Letting Property in France, which we have written for current and prospective landlords of rental properties.

We have a large selection of properties for long-term and holiday rental, which you can view on our Rentals listing pages.

  1. Choosing a Rental Property
  2. Classification of Holiday Rentals
  3. Set Up Costs
  4. Vetting Documentation
  5. Tenancy Agreement
  6. Condition Report
  7. Statutory Surveys
  8. Rent Level
  9. Rental Deposit
  10. Property Rates
  11. Sole and Joint Tenancies
  12. Insurances
  13. Repairing Obligations
  14. Ending the Tenancy
  15. Disputes

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