1. Choosing a French Rental Property

There are clearly many issues to consider in selecting the property to rent - location, size, type, rental, condition, running costs, reasons for renting etc.

Faced with so many different factors to weigh up, it is clear you need to take your time about the whole process.

If you not living in France, and you are unable to visit the property prior to occupation, then you are clearly relying on the honesty of the landlord or agent in the description given in the letting details.

There are obvious risks on taking a property without having viewed it, for landlords are unlikely to reveal the negative aspects of the property in their promotional material.

On that basis you need to ensure you ask as many questions in writing as you think necessary, and receive responses in the same manner.

You should also ask for supplementary photos; an aerial shot of the property is particularly useful to get a perspective on the position of the property.

You also need to be wary of superlatives in the advert, and focus more on the practical, factual information that is supplied, and which is not supplied. So if the description says the property has 'superb views of the sea' you ought to establish the distance to the sea, if it is not stated!

If you are living in France, or you are able to come over, then make a point of visiting several potential properties before you make up your mind. If nothing else, visits to several properties (particularly different types of properties) can serve to focus your mind on just what type of property you do want to rent.

Once you have selected the property you wish to rent, then ensure you agree a condition report with the landlord (see later).

We have a large selection of properties for long-term and holiday rental, which you can view on our Rentals listing pages.

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