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Buying French Property and Living in France

Welcome to our Guides to France, your indispensable on-line resource to French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

As well as comprehensive guides on property related topics, such as buying in France, we provide information on some of the other key issues about which you will need to be informed, such as the tax system and healthcare.

With an increasing number of younger households seeking to find a new life in France we have provided guides on schools and education in France, as well as information on starting and running a small business in France.

The Guides are updated on a regular basis in the light of new information or changes in the law.

Property in France

Building & Renovation

Taxes in France

  1. Introduction
  2. Top Tips
  3. Liability to French Income Tax
  4. Your French Income Tax Return
  5. Calculating Your Income Tax Liability
  6. Payment of Income Tax
  7. Social Charges/Social Security Contributions
  8. Taxation of Investment Income
  9. Local Property Taxes
  10. Wealth Tax
  11. Capital Gains Tax
  12. Gifts Tax
  13. Tax Investigations
  14. Complaints System

French Inheritance Laws and Taxes

  1. Introduction
  2. Inheritance Laws
  3. Inheritance Tax
  4. Inheritance Planning

Money in France

Moving to France - Visas and Residency

  1. Moving to France
  2. Ten Tips for a Long-Term Visa App
  3. Visa Minimum Income Threshold
  4. Health Insurance for a Visa
  5. Visiting France
  6. Visa-Free Travel in Europe and 'ETIAS'
  7. French Visas and the 90/180 Days Rule
  8. Visa for Starting a Business
  9. Visa for Running a Gite
  10. Remote Working in France and Visitor Visas
  11. Resident Rights in France of Non-EU Family Members
  12. Appeals against Refusal of a Visa or Residence Permit
  13. Moving Household Goods to France
  14. Guide to Bringing Pets to France
  15. Guide to Bringing Horses to France
  16. Importing and Registering a Vehicle in France
  17. French Residence Permit Language Test

Public Services

Insurance in France

Work & Business in France

Property Rights in France

French Utilities

Driving in France

  1. Driving Offences and Penalties
  2. Importing and Registering a Vehicle
  3. Vehicle Registration Process & Transfer of Ownership
  4. Vehicle Registration Taxes
  5. MOT Vehicle Tests
  6. Applying for a French Driving Licence
  7. Vehicle Accident Forms
  8. Crit'Air Emissions Sticker
  9. Grants for Electric Cars

Death in France

  1. Registering a Death
  2. Funeral
  3. Repatriation
  4. Bank Accounts
  5. Inheritance/Succession
  6. Spouses's French Pension
  7. Bereavement Grant
  8. UK Pensions/Benefits
  9. Income Tax
  10. Vehicle Sale/Transfer

The Guides expand substantially upon our previous 'Reference' section. If you are looking for the this section, it is still on-line and available at France Information, although it is not being updated.

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