Home Insurance in France

Welcome to our guide to house insurance in France, your indispensable on-line resource to insuring your French property and its household effects.

It is not difficult to find an insurer in France, for the industry is huge.

Partly as a result, insurance rates are generally quite reasonable, but as always you need to read the small print and use reputable insurers.

In the guide we examine how you can go about finding a French insurer and the types of home insurance policies in France, including the options for holiday home insurance.

We also provide information on how to make a house insurance claim.

Finally, there is a section on dealing with insurance disputes that may arise with your insurer.

  1. Finding an Insurer
  2. Types of Insurance Cover
  3. Holiday Home Insurance
  4. Insurance of Valuable Objects
  5. Terminating Your Insurance Policy
  6. Making an Insurance Claim
  7. Disputes with Your Insurance Company

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