Guide to French Health System

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to the French Health System.

The issue of health cover is a critical one for those seeking to relocate to France.

Whilst the position of retired persons from the EEA is clear and favourable, in recent years there has been huge controversy over health cover for early retirees, with France contesting the right of economically inactive persons under retirement age the right to State health cover.

In this guide we review the rights of different groups of persons to health cover in France - pensioners, early retirees, cross-border workers, self-employed, and those with a long-term disability.

The system has also been under substantial financial pressure, as a result of which patients are having to pick up a higher percentage of their health costs, so we review the charges payable, the system of reimbursement and voluntary 'top-up' health insurance policies.

The mechanics of receiving medical treatment from doctors, dentists and hospitals is also considered.

  1. Overview of French Health System
  2. Registering with the French Health System
  3. Protection Universelle Maladie (PUMA)
  4. Voluntary (Top-Up) Health Insurance
  5. Your French Health Card
  6. Your French Family Doctor
  7. Non-Reimbursable Health Charges
  8. Treatment of Long Term Illness
  9. Receiving Health Care
  10. Dental Treatment in France
  11. Opticians & Ophthalmic Treatment
  12. Breast Screening
  13. Health Complaints System

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