Death in France

This guide has been prepared in collaboration with France based English speaking volunteer group Bereavement Support Network (BSN). BSN helps English speaking residents throughout France to manage their bereavement or terminal illness. You can contact BSN by mail at or via their website at Bereavement Support Network.

  1. Introduction
  2. Registering a Death
  3. Funeral
  4. Repatriation
  5. Bank Accounts
  6. Inheritance/Succession
  7. Spouses's Pension
  8. Bereavement Grant
  9. UK Pensions/Benefits
  10. Income Tax
  11. Vehicle Sale/Transfer

10. French Income Tax

If the deceased was a French tax payer or permanently resident in France, the local income tax office should be informed of the death, and within six months of the death the income tax return (Declaration des Revenus) must be submitted.

The income tax declaration will show all income received by each member of the household between 1st January and the date of death.

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