3. Set Up Costs for Rental Properties

In addition to the monthly rental itself, you there are also a number of costs you will incur in setting up an annual tenancy in France.

1. Rental Deposit

You will normally be required to make a rental deposit. The deposit cannot be more than one month’s rental for an unfurnished letting, although there are no limits in relation to furnished lettings.

2. Condition Survey

It is normal practice to have a condition survey undertaken prior to occupation, the costs of which are frequently shared between landlord and tenant.

3. Fees

If you use an agent or a notaire to draw up the tenancy agreement, then their fees will be payable.

Similarly, if you are introduced to a property by an estate agent then it is possible that a fee will be payable. Whether it is you or the landlord who pays the fee will depend on the strength of your negotiating position.

There are also marchand de listes who are entitled to a commission for the sale of rental listings.

There are a great many abuses of this practice, as there is no guarantee that the properties on the list are available.

The regulations require a signed contract prior to any payment being made, which should occur simultaneously with the payment for the list. Our recommendation would be to avoid using such lists.

4. Insurance

Tenants are under an obligation to take out house insurance, in addition to the insurance taken out by the landlord (see below).

5. Utility Connection Costs

There may well be costs involved in connecting utility services, although these are unlikely to be significant.

Unless you are proposing to rent for a short term on an all-inclusive basis, then you will need to arrange to get connected for electricity, gas, telephone, internet and water.

A good landlord will help you with all of these things, but at a minimum you need to ensure you agree a reading on the meters at the start of your occupation of the property.

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