7. Statutory Surveys

There are a number of survey reports that are obligatory for all lettings other than for seasonal holiday properties that are let for less than four months in the year.

These survey reports are collectively knows as the dossier de diagnostic technique immobilier.

A fuller consideration of all these reports can be seen at Statutory Property Surveys.

There are three reports at minimum that are required, but not in all cases.

1. Energy

A report on the energy performance of the property (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique DPE) must be provided in all cases. Indeed, the energy performance of the property must be advertised with the letting particulars, prior to signing of the tenancy agreement.

2. Natural/Technological Risks

If the property is located within a ‘risk zone’ liable to flooding, avalanche, fire, subsidence etc, then this report must be annexed to the tenancy agreement.

3. Lead

If the property was constructed prior to 1st January 1949, then a constat de risque d'exposition au plomb (CREP) must be annexed to the tenancy agreement.

There are also a number of other obligatory information requirements that must be provided to the tenant.

4. Surface Area

Under a law known as loi Boutin all unfurnished lettings must state the habitable surface area of the property.

5. Television Reception

The tenant must be notified in writing whether the property has an offre télévisuelle. That is to say, whether the property is capable of television reception.

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