12. Insurances for French Rental Properties

i. House Insurance

Tenants occupying unfurnished accommodation are obliged to take out house insurance.

This insurance covers damage caused by fire, flood, natural disaster etc, and may also cover theft and damage to personal belongings.

The minimal level of cover needed is called assurance risques locatifs, whilst a comprehensive policy is called assurance multi-risques d’habitation.

The landlord is similarly required to take out a policy covering structural problems that may arise with the property and claims arising out of their repairing obligations.

Failure by the tenant to take out an insurance policy constitutes a ground on which the landlord can terminate the tenancy.

There is no obligation for a tenant of furnished or holiday accommodation to take out insurance, although it is recommended you consider doing so as the tenant is responsible for their own negligent actions. If you have an existing house insurance policy on your main home you may find it covers your occupation of holiday accommodation.

You can read more about house insurance at House Insurance in France.

ii. Rental Insurance

A landlord may also wish to insist that as a condition of the tenancy he takes out an insurance policy against the non-payment of rent.

In order to do so, the cooperation of the tenant is required, as the insurance company will require income and (if appropriate) employment details.

These policies are called l’assurance contre des loyers impayés.

The insurance premium is the responsibility of the landlord; it is their insurance policy.

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