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Feature your agency properties with SpotClicks

Improve your chances of selling your properties via SpotClicks make your properties stand out from the rest.

Example Featured Property

Homepage Promotion

  • Featured properties will appear on the homepage and other high traffic pages of the website.
  • Every time an interested visitor clicks on your featured property one SpotClick is deducted from your SpotClick allowance.
  • Featured properties receive increased exposure until all of the SpotClicks allocation is used.
  • All featured properties are displayed randomly on the website.

Example Premium Property

Search Engine Promotion

  • Featured properties are also promoted to the top of our search engine pages.
  • Featured properties are highlighted in blue to be more eye-catching and generate more interest.
  • SpotClicks are only deducted from your allowance when a visitor clicks on your featured property.

How to Purchase SpotClicks

How to Buy SpotClicks?

Purchasing SpotClicks is quick and easy:

  • Login to
  • Click on the Purchase SpotClicks link in the left hand navigation bar.
  • Select the appropriate number of SpotClicks and click the Pay Online .
  • Once you have purchased the SpotClicks you may assign them to various properties via your property portfolio.
  • Simply click on the Feature Property button, assign the desired number of SpotClicks and enter a title for the featured property.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.

SpotClicks Pricing

Number of SpotClicks Price £ (Inc. TVA)
web page 500 £29
web page 1,000 £49
web page 2,500 £99
web page 5,000 £199
web page 7,500 £249
web page 10,000 £299

* SpotClicks do not expire and are valid until use.

Getting Started

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