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Email Marketing regularly communicates with subscribed members through Newsletter and Property Spy email alerts. We also have a large database of subscribers who are looking to buy in France, or already own property or live there.

Newsletter Sponsorship

  • Advertise to over 55,000 Newsletter subscribers.

  • Target audience of Francophiles, expats & active property buyers.

  • Include an MPU in the monthly Newsletter.

  • Exclusive sponsorship per monthly edition

  • Price : £999 ex. VAT

Property Spy Sponsorship

  • Advertise to over 32,000 Property Spy subscribers

  • Target audience of active French property buyers.

  • Include a bespoke banner in the weekly and daily emails.

  • Exclusive sponsorship per week

  • Price : £999 ex. VAT (7 x daily emails & 1 x weekly email).

Solus Email

  • Promote your company to over 55,000 subscribers

  • Target audience of active French property buyers, as well as people who already own and / or live in France.

  • Dedicated, bespoke emails crafted for your promotion.

  • Per mailing:

  • Price : £2000 ex. VAT

  • Email design:

  • We only send responsive emails, that are able to be viewed across all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop). If you are unable to provide a campaign in a responsive format, then we can design it for you for at a cost of £300 ex. VAT

Pricing may vary depending on the quantity of email marketing products purchased.

Please Note: reserve the right to refuse advertising on the basis of content and banner suitability.

Getting Started

Contact the Advertising team to reserve your email marketing today.

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