Improve the visual appeal of your advert

Do you fancy a promotional video and some better photos to help showcase your property?

Most people understand the importance of having good quality photos but these days short promotional videos are increasingly being used to capture people’s attention and give an initial feel of a property. has teamed up with Property Visuals to trial a new venture through which our clients can work directly alongside an experienced real estate videographer/photographer to create a promotional video of their property and a collection of high-quality photographs.

James Vellacott ( will guide you through the process of preparing your property and taking good shots before he works his magic in creating visually-exciting promotional material for you.

Working together, you will create something like these:

Promotional Video

[An example of a video filmed by a client on their iPhone 12]


[Again all shot on an iPhone 12]

How it works

After you sign up you will be put in direct contact with Iain and James Vellacott (father and son business) who will be your contacts throughout.

After providing some initial details about your property (including target market, main features/attractions, etc) you will receive some guidance and tips on preparing your property, setting up your phone and taking high-quality films and photos.

After the filming has been completed, you will transfer the files direct to James, preferably through Google Drive or iCloud. James will then prepare an initial draft of the film and photos for your consideration. Once approved, he will do some final finishing edits, including colour-grading to bring out the best of your property.

The final product will be a video link (either Youtube or Vimeo) as well as a collection of images which you can download from the shared folder.

Price (€)


(1-3 mins)

275 €


(up to 20)

150 €

Video and Photographs

(1-3 mins & up to 20)

375 €


  • In order to be able to take video/photographs of sufficient size and quality you need access to a modern smartphone (preferably an iPhone 12 / Samsung Galaxy S21 or later/equivalent) with at least 5GB spare memory. If you are in any doubt, James would be very happy to run a short test with your phone before you sign-up.
  • You will need access to a reasonable internet connection to transfer the files. Please note that these will be large files and you will need to check that your network provider will not make additional charges. Similarly, if you are intending to transfer files direct from your phone please check that you have the right to unlimited data.
  • Music licences usually require that Property Visuals credits the artist(s) in the video description and this needs to be respected at all times. | English: +44 (0)207 1352222 | Français: +44 (0)207 1352220 | French flag Version Française