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Receive free email updates with the latest properties added to our website on a regular basis to view new properties as they go onto the property market. Our PropertySpy and Property Alert emails are sent to over 9,000 registered members have the following features :

  • View the Latest Properties Online - PropertySpy emails are sent automatically every Monday morning to subscribed users. They contain all the properties which have been added to in the last week which match your search requirements.
  • Property Alerts - Property Alert emails work in exactly the same fashion but on a daily basis. If no new properties are added over the previous 24 hours then you will not receive an email and so you will not receive blank Property Alert emails.
  • Personal Property Results - Tailor your property results to suit your own property search by specifying criteria such as price and location.
  • Easy to Use Format - Both emails have recently been updated and are sent to you in an easy to use and modern format.
  • Free Registration - Both email alerts are available to all registered members of the website, if you are not registered yet please click here
  • Already a Site Member? - If you are already registered simply login and select Account Home. Click on the Account Settings link to turn the PropertySpy and Property Alert on and off. You can alter your property search criteria through your Property Profile.

Your Property Profile

Simply select My Property Profile in your Account Home to get started. From here you can set the search criteria used to find your ideal property in France.

Hints and Tips

  • Too Many Properties - If you receive too many properties in your email alerts simply add more specific property criteria. With hundreds of new properties added each week, not setting any criteria will result in a very large number of results being returned. We do cap each email to a maximum of 50 properties. If your search returns more results, you may view the full list of results by clicking on the appropriate link in the email.
  • Too Few Properties - If you are receiving too few results, try broadening your search, this is especially applicable to the Property Alert as there are fewer properties uploaded in the shorter timeframe. If you would like to receive more results we would recommend that you loosen the search constraints for property types, swimming pool, habitable space and land size first. The other criteria are often more complete and are absolute necessities when searching for property. If necessary, you could broaden the locations specified to regions rather than departments or perhaps specify one fewer bedroom as many properties have rooms which could double as bedrooms but may not be specified in the search data.
  • Properties Matching my Profile - Properties which match your property profile are included on your Account Home in the The Properties matching my Profile section. This is a list of the first 30 properties on the website that match your Property Profile, with the newest at the top. You can view a full list of matching properties by clicking the My Results link on the left menu and then by clicking View them all in our Search Engine at the top of the page.

Problems Viewing Your Property Emails

If you are subscribed to the PropertySpy or Property Alert emails but are having difficulties viewing it then please read the following information. If the problem persists please contact a member of our Support Team.

  • I do not receive the email - First, please ensure that you are properly subscribed by checking that the checkbox on the Account Settings page of your Account Home is ticked. If this is the case then please check all your trash and Junk mail folders to see if it arrives here instead of in you email inbox. For more information on potential email difficulties please consult our email account guides, accessible via the main help index.
  • I cannot view the images in the email - Most email clients have an option for you to mark emails as safe and/or to allow images to be downloaded. Simply select the option to download images or mark email as safe and the images should be visible. Many email clients now have the ability to always download images in emails from certain users, selecting this will prevent you having to allow images each time your receive the email alerts.
  • I have tried the above but still cannot view the email - At the top of each email there is a link to view your PropertySpy or Property Alert online. Click this to view your matching properties online, you will be requested to enter your username and password to view them if you are not already logged in. If you cannot see the link then you may view the PropertySpy by selecting the My Property Spy link on the left of your Account Home once logged into the website.

If you are still having difficulties with the PropertySpy, please contact our support team.

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