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Issue 001: 15th November 2006

Welcome to the first issue of the new fortnightly IFP Newsletter. Inside you will be able to find news, information and advice about buying property and living in France. We will also keep you updated on what our development team have been working on, and any new features and offers that will be appearing on our website over the coming months. If you would like to provide us with any comments, suggestions or feedback about this newsletter, please do so on our Forum. As the festive period nears please do not miss out the exclusive 10% discount off French Gourmet Store products including festive favourites such as foie gras, truffles and gift hampers.

French Property Market Report - A Buyer's Market?

After seven years of continuous growth, a clutch of surveys published within the last month all point to slow down in the French property market, although most pundits remain optimistic about the outlook.

France Property Market Report

French Tax Credit on Energy Conservation Works

Now is the time to install a new wood burner in your French home, or undertake other energy saving measures, and get a tax break on the works, in some cases of up to 50% of the cost of the equipment.

Green Tax Credit in France

Back to Basics at Primary School in France

The French government has banned the use of modern teaching methods of French in all primary schools, amidst concerns about the number of pupils moving up to secondary school without an adequate grasp of the French language or ability to read.

Teaching French

French Health Insurer Breaks Ranks

One of the largest private French health insurance companies has decided to offer a ‘no claims bonus’ for one of its policies, which risks increasing premiums for everyone else.

Health No Claims Bonus in France

French Property Rents Show Modest Rises

A recent review of the French rental market showed that rental levels of flats went up by 4% in 2005, whilst rents for houses remained stagnant. Opinion is divided on the outlook, but most suggest that, at best, the market will remain stable.

French Property Rental Return Rises

Limousin 'Safest' Region in France

The French Government has released regional crime figures for the whole country, which shows the region of Limousin has the lowest rate of crime.

Crime Statistics in France

Exclusive French Gourmet Store Offer

Internet French Property is pleased to offer an exclusive discount to its users. We have teamed up with French Gourmet Store, the Internet’s best online retailer of French speciality foods. The French Gourmet Store offers a wide range of speciality gifts; hampers, foie gras, hand made chocolates, escargots, truffles and Laguiole cutlery. Click the link below to benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on all orders over £30.00.

French Gourmet Store

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