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Issue 002: 1st December 2006

Welcome to the second issue of the fortnightly IFP Newsletter. Inside you will find more news, information and advice about buying property and living in France. As the festive period nears please do not miss out the exclusive 10% discount of French Gourmet Store products including festive favourites such as foie gras, truffles and gift hampers. If you would like to make any comments on the articles, or offer general feedback on the newsletter, please do so on our Forum.

International Buyers Pile into France

Foreign buyers invested approximately €6 billion in French property during 2005, according to a recent report by ‘Credit Foncier’, the French mortgage specialist. This figure is up from €5.4 billion invested in 2004, and an average of €2 billion invested during the period 1994-2000.

International Investment in French Properties

Ineffective Medicines Struck Off List in France

With the costs of the health service continuing to spiral, the government has been removing from the list of prescribed medicines those they do not consider offer good value for money. In the main, they are ‘branded’ drugs, which are considered expensive to the public purse, often of dubious medical value, and where there exists a cheaper generic alternative.

Medicines Struck Off

Home Information Packs for Buyers of French Properties

Despite the apparent coyness of the British government about introducing house information packs for buyers, the French are going full skelter in the reform process. The new packs are called ‘Dossier de Diagnostic Technique Immobilier’, and bring together three reports that have been around for a number of years, as well as introducing four additional survey reports.

French Home Information Packs

Air France to Launch Low-Cost Airline

Air France is to launch a low-cost airline, which is scheduled to commence operations in June 2007. The new airline will be called ‘Transavia’, which Air France plan to grow to a turnover of €300 million within three years. Initially, at least, it would seem the French airline is not proposing to take on the UK based low-cost airlines for a share of the UK market.

Low Cost Airline in France

School Exam Marks to be Given for Behaviour of Pupils in France

A new system of compulsory school reports has been introduced in France on pupil behaviour, the results of which will count towards the school-leaving certificate. All children attending the French lower secondary school (collège) will now receive a quarterly report on their level of discipline, punctuality, and involvement in school activities.

Good Behaviour Marks

'Etre et Avoir' - French Parents Lose Court Battle

The parents of those children involved in the internationally acclaimed French film ‘Etre et Avoir’ have lost their claim for a share of the proceeds of the film. That is the main conclusion of a Paris court last month, when the judge argued that those who participate in a documentary are neither actors nor co-authors.

Etre et Avoir

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