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Issue 021: 1st Oct 2007

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Government Examining Health Insurance Concessions

Whilst the Government continues to maintain a tough line on ending the general right of early retirees to the State health insurance system, potential exceptions to the rule are now being discussed, according to key sources with whom we have spoken in the last few days.

Expat Health

New Charges for Septic Tank Owners

Over 5 million households in France using a septic tank system for sewage treatment face increased regulation and charges.

Septic Tanks

Organised Baggage Theft at Paris Airport

Nineteen baggage handlers working at Charles-de-Gaulle Paris airport have been found guilty of the theft of baggage.


Brussels Bans French Bookmaker Monopoly

The European Commission have been having another nip at French monopolies, this time their State gambling empire.


Get Free Planning Advice

Before you proceed to appoint an architect for your French building project, you might want to consider other free sources of planning and architectural advice.


Saturday Morning Schooling To End

The Government have announced that Saturday morning schooling for primary school children will end in 2008.


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