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26th Nov 07


Official sources have confirmed to us today that the French Government have now formally agreed that 'inactive' expats living in France as at 23rd Nov 07 (altered from 30th Sept 07 to coincide with date of Ministerial approval), and already registered with the State health insurance system (the 'CMU'), will be allowed to remain in the system. In addition, we can also confirm that there will be appeal procedures in place for those with a pre-existing medical condition, and for those who later develop a medical condition, which prevents them from being able to obtain satisfactory private health insurance. There will also be similar appeal procedures for those who relocate to France, and later find that, as a result of divorce, or other 'accident of life', they need recourse to the State system. These concessions are on top of the news previously reported in our Newsletter that anyone legally resident in France for 5 years will be allowed to affiliate to the State health insurance system. The circular in which all of this is detailed is likely to be published within the next few days. You can discuss in more detail in our Forum.

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