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Issue 025: 4th Dec 2007

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Why the French Property Market Will Not Collapse

Prices will fall, but there is no market crash in prospect, according to two recent reviews of the French housing market.

Housing Market

Government Tightens Rules on Chambres d’Hotes

The Government has introduced new regulations, tightening up on the operation of chambres d’hotes, although there remain questions unanswered as their peculiar fiscal status.

Chambres d'hotes

Attic Conversions and Planning Regulations

There have been recent changes to the planning regulations on attic conversions, making it easier to add new space to your property without the need to make a planning application.


A Strategy for Health Cover in France

With early retirees to France now expected to take out private health insurance, the use of self-employment as a temporary 'holding' strategy to get health insurance, is not as madcap as it seems.

Health Cover

Determining Property Boundaries in France

French land registry plans are not a wholly reliable guide to the boundaries of your property, so how do you go about getting a precise boundary determined?


Lyon Healthiest Place to Live in France

The City of Lyon is the healthiest place to live in France, whilst Le Havre has the worst health record, according to an annual survey of health statistics carried out by the French medical journal, Impact Médecine.


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