Paris Considered Top European Property Capital

Paris has come out the top performing property investment market in Europe, according to a recent report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute. Paris is rated highly both for its high returns and for the low level of risk. ‘Paris yesterday, Paris today and Paris tomorrow’, is the refrain of the authors of the report, who consider that the city is one of the most economically stable in Europe, with a geographically strategic location as a ‘global gateway’. The city is also considered to offer interesting fiscal opportunities for investors, notably in relation to urban regeneration opportunities. The authors of the report interviewed 400 leading international investors most of whom considered that buying either office, retail or industrial property in the capital would be a good investment choice. The report noted that prospects for profitability were considered favourable for real estate firms of all types, and that buyers outweigh sellers by two to one. This is the third year running that the city has taken top spot for investors. London came in second place, and the another French city Lyon came in a commendable fifth place, with many arguing it as an interesting lower cost alternative to Paris.£££Return to Newsletter£££~~~

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