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Issue 008: 15th March 2007

Welcome to the latest issue of the IFP Newsletter. We are pleased today to announce the release of our FREE Guide to the French Planning System. You can also discover other useful information by visiting our growing library of Guides to Buying Property and Living in France.

France Inheritance Laws

A recent study carried out for ‘Le Monde’ newspaper confirms France as having some of the toughest inheritance laws in Europe. Nevertheless, as is often the case in France, there are ways around the rules.

Inheritance Laws

Drought Conditions Forecast for 2007

Large areas of France are heading for drought conditions this year, as a result of lower than average rainfall since last September.

Drought 2007

French Language Police Remain Busy

The French language police have been busy recently, publishing new official French versions of English terms that have slipped into common use in France.

Language Police

French Mayors Reluctant to Stand

A third of all Mayors in France are proposing not to stand for re-election, when local elections take place again in 2008.


Broadband Coverage in France

France has a higher level of broadband ADSL penetration than any other country in Europe, although it looks like the Government will fall short of its target of getting 100% coverage throughout France by the end of 2007.


IFP Lanches Guide to French Planning System

We are pleased today to announce the release of our Guide to the French Planning System. If you are buying property in France then it is a fair bet you are going to encounter the planning authorities. Do not panic. Normally, it is not an unpleasant experience.

Planning System

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