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Issue 011: 1st May 2007

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Paris Housing Market Slows Down

The prices of apartments in Paris rose by an average of 9.9% last year, down on the rise in 2005, according to the annual review of the market carried out by the Paris Notaires.


Tax and Social Security Fraud

Tax and social security fraud could be as high as €40 billion a year, according to a recent report from a French government committee.


France Retains Premier World Rating for Food

France kept its place as the leading country in the world for high quality food, with 12 restaurants in the country recently judged amongst the top 50 on the planet.


France In The Dock At the EU

Rarely in the vanguard in the implementation of European legislation, France now faces problems with the EU Commission on a number of fronts.


Investment Pushing Up Water Bills

The average household water bill in France was €177 a year in 2004, with prices rising ahead of inflation, according to a recent review of water prices carried out by the French Environment Agency, IFEN.


Consult Your Local Plan Before You Buy

Buying the right property is not just a question of getting a proper understanding of the condition of the property, but of also of what is happening in the locality.

Local Plans

Analysis of Presidential Election Results

The French daily newspaper 'Le Monde' has produced a useful interactive graphic, which you can you use to find out the detailed results, county by county, of the first round of the French Presidential elections. You can read the results at French Presidential Election

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