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Issue 013: 1st June 2007

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Government to Abolish Inheritance Tax

The French government has announced its intention to abolish inheritance tax for all families but the very rich.

Inheritance Tax

EU Demands that France Ends Savings Monopoly

The European Commission has instructed France to end the monopoly by certain banks of a symbolic popular savings scheme used by nearly 50 million French people.

Livret A

Brits and their Holidays

Brits are the holiday habitués of Europe, according to a recent study of holiday choices by IPOS, the French pollster.

Brit Holidays

Low Cost Flights See Strong Growth

French airports have reported strong traffic figures for 2006, with low costs flights growing by 20%. Overall there was growth in passenger numbers of 4.5%, to give total passenger figures of 146 million.

Air Traffic

French Workers Biggest ‘Whingers’ in the World

French workers are the biggest ‘whingers’ in the world according to an extensive study of attitudes to work, carried out by UK business consultants, FDS International.

French Workers

Millions Quit France Telecom

Millions of French are switching to the internet for their telephone services (VoIP), with the use of television over the internet also seeing a huge rise.


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