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Issue 018: 15th Aug 2007

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How to Advertise your Rental Property Free of Charge.

Minimum Service, but Minimum Law?

A key election promise of the recently elected President Nicolas Sarkozy received parliamentary approval this month, but the new minimum service law for public transport falls far short of expectations.

Minimum Service

Tax Dodgers Cock a Snook

Barely 40% of unpaid taxes outstanding from tax inspections carried out in 2004, were recovered in 2005, according in a recent report of a parliamentary scrutiny committee.


Court Decides Internet Help-Line Must be Free of Charge

A Paris court has held that an internet service provider must meet the cost of ‘hot-line’ calls for service assistance, a decision that is likely to have significant consequences for all operators.

Hot Lines

Wine Harvest Begins Early

Despite a mixed summer, the wine harvest has made an early start in France.


Pedal Power Comes to Paris

The City Council in Paris have launched a city bike scheme, set to be one of the largest of its type in Europe.

Paris Bikes

Starting Your Child at a French School

Getting your child successfully integrated into a French school is not something you should leave to chance.


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