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Issue 045: 4th November 2008

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Uncertain Future for Departments and Regions of France

President Sarkozy has declared that France has too many levels of government, which are both expensive and confusing to the citizen, so a reorganisation is in prospect.

Local Government in France

French Football Under Threat After Marseillaise Jeering

It seems the French football team can now be beaten in international matches if opposing supporters insult the national anthem.

Threat to French Football

Best Savings Accounts Available in France

The credit crunch may well be making paupers of many of us, but those still with cash to invest can find some attractive interest rate deals in France

French Banks: Best Savings Accounts Available in France

French Social Charges and UK Pension Income

The French authorities are toughening their stance on the taxation of some expat early retirement pensions that have to date been able to escape payment of the French social charges.

French Social Charges

Reform of French Television

A major reform of the French television service has been approved by the French Government.

French Television

Renting Property in France

There are cheap and effective ways landlords in France can ensure they protect themselves from the non-payment of rent.

Protection Against Non-Payment of Rent

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