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Issue 047: 2nd December 2008

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French House Prices to Drop by 10% in 2008 and 2009

House prices in France are likely to fall by around 10% this year, according to a leading French estate agent, with other reports suggesting they may drop by the same amount next year.

French House Prices

What is the Cost of Healthcare in France?

Whilst most healthcare charges in France are regulated, medical professionals are increasingly imposing charges in excess of the official rates.

French Health Costs

Small Hotels in France Lose Ground to Chambres d'Hôtes

The future of small hotels in France looks bleak, as their numbers decline, and they cede market share to camping sites, chambres d'hôtes and hostels.

Hotels in France

Building a Home in France in Risk Zones

A couple who purchased land in France with planning permission may have to demolish the house they have started to build, as it is in an area prone to flooding.

Building in Risk Zones

Driving in France: Offences and Penalities

What are the driving offences and punishments in France? We provide a complete summary of what you can expect if you break the Code de la Route.

Driving Offences in France

Capital Gains Tax in France

We get a fairly regular stream of enquiries from readers about French capital gains tax, so we thought it might be useful to do a quick tour of the rules.

French Capital Gains Tax

E101, E106 and E109 Health Insurance for Cross-Border Workers

We have updated our review of the right to health insurance in France for those whose place of work is not the same as their place of residence.

Health Insurance for Cross-Border Workers

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