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Issue 033: 15th April 2008

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House Prices Drop by 1.9%

House prices went down by 1.9% in the first quarter of 2008, but a crash is unlikely, say French estate agents.

House Prices

Blowing in the Wind - Wind Turbines in France

The French Government have set a target of 10% of electricity consumption from wind turbines by 2020, but with growing opposition to the plans there are many who are sceptical the target will be achieved.

Wind Turbines

Rural Chemists Under Threat

With imminent changes to the availability of non-prescription drugs, and with pressure from the European Union to open up the profession, the future of rural chemists looks uncertain.

Future of Chemists

Capital Gains for Those Selling Their French Home

What French capital gains tax do you pay if you decide to sell a second home in France?

Capital Gains

New Road Signs Add to Confusion

New road signs have been introduced, whose primary purpose is to help the tourist, but see for yourself if you can work out what they mean.

New Road Signs

Do I need Planning Permission?

Planning rules in France are less stringent than is the case in many other countries, but even though you may not need planning permission, other forms of approval may be required.

Planning Rules

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