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Issue 041: 2nd September 2008

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New Measures to Reduce Small Business Charges in France

The Government have introduced new measures aimed at reducing the costs of running a small business in France.

French Small Business Tax Reforms

Grants for Return to School in France

Many children who attend school in France can obtain a grant towards the cost of school materials, but the rules have been changed this year.

School Grants in France

Tax Increase on French Rental and Investment Income

The tax payable on rental income, capital gains, share dividends, and life insurance policies is to increase from January 09 to finance changes to the system of social security benefits.

Tax on French Investment Income

Controls on Wind Turbines in France to be Tightened

With growing unease amongst politicians and local communities about the development of wind turbines in the countryside, the Government have decided to act by proposing tough new planning controls.

Wind Turbines

Massive expansion of TGV Train Network Planned in France

The French Government recently announced that it is to create around 2,000 kilometres of new lines for the TGV high-speed ‘bullet’ train.

French TGV Train Network

World Record for French Property on Cote d'Azur

A Russian tycoon is reputed to have paid nearly €500 million for a property on the Cote d’Azur, making it the world’s most expensive property.

Villa Leopolda

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