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With more than 10,000 inhabitants, Obernai is located in the Bas-Rhin departement and lies on the east of the Vosges Mountains. At the heart of Alsace, it has a privileged situation and is very touristy. Overlooking the town, the monastery of Sainte-Odile was built on a mount for a saint woman originating from Obernai. Her story is famous in the whole Alsace and many people do pilgrimage in her monastery.


Obernai is full of touristy assets. The most important one is that it kept its beautiful settings of the past with its fortifications and its medieval half-timbered houses. Indeed, it is the second most visited town of the department after Strasbourg, located 25km of it. It is true that it is a condensation of Alsace, with its good food, history and architecture, but also it stands next to the vineyards and the Vosges Mountains. Thus, this lovely town attracts everyone depending on their interest: history, good food, fantastic wine, enchanting scenery, architecture or sportive activities. In addition, the airport is easily reachable in only 15 minutes.

In terms of food, Obernai has a good reputation. Several winstubs – a typical and convivial tavern where the local specialities can be savoured- are set in the town. Some restaurants are quite famous, as two are filled with stars from the so famous Michelin guide!

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Obernai Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Bas-Rhin departement is more expensive than its neighbouring Alsatian departement. After a decrease of prices end of 2008, the prices increased again and around €2,500 /sq m was necessary to buy a property in Obernai at the beginning of 2009. In the town, 6% of all the properties are second homes and the same proportion represents vacant properties. Obernai also accounts for a proportion of 39% of houses. The rest is apartments.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Obernai

Alsace is a popular region towards tourists and it is also the case for Obernai especially. This is due to the fact that Obernai comprises lots of the assets that attract tourists in Alsace.

  • Wine: the region of Alsace produces several fantastic wines, and some of them can be tasted in the area of Obernai. Indeed, the local vineyards are important in terms of tourism, but also tradition and know-how. Thanks to the Vosges mountains which set a “curtain” between Alsace and the rest of France, a specific climate favourable to the vine culture is perceptible. Furthermore in Obernai, the Mont National and the Bischenberg located in the north protect the vineyards of the cold winds. To have a good glimpse of the domain, the viticultural track of Schenkenberg is certainly the best way. The track takes people into the heart of the vineyards. Different boards are rich in information and enable to have a complete glimpse of the vineyard works. The different grape varieties and the evolution phases of the wine will be discovered during the walk across the vineyards. In addition, the beginning of the track offers an amazing panoramic view on the Alsace plain.

  • Architectural style and sites: the architecture of Obernai is stunning, with the Regence’s and Louis XV’s style that perfectly mix with a medieval and Renaissance architecture. Its town centre was renovated and shelters a certain number of Roman and Gothic vestiges. It also keeps its beautiful architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries, marked by its pretty half-timbered houses. The town is particularly proud of its 1.5km of walls and 30 towers dating from 1298, but also from its impressive belfry made of this pink stone of the Vosges moutains called grès rose.

  • Vibrant life: as in the majority of touristy town, a substantial programme of animations is always planned. The programme comprises festivals like the one of the new circus in May or sportive events as the International triathlon in June or the evening race of Hans in July (a 12km race). During summer, concerts are organised on the main square every Saturday night and the wine fair is held every year in August. In December, the Christmas market is established in the town and the magic begins.

Property Styles and Architecture in Obernai

The centre of Obernai comprises many tall half-timbered houses. In the surroundings, other kinds of architecture can be found.

  • Front-gabled houses: in Alsace, a particularity that can be observed is the roof. Indeed, a majority of front-gabled houses can be seen in Alsace, which is not the case in many regions of France. Furthermore, the walls are made of rendering and often painted in bright colours, even apple green, bright yellow or cherry red. This makes the Alsatian village colourful!
  • Half-timbered farmhouses: several farmhouses remain of the time where agriculture was one of the only few economical activities. These pretty half-timbered farmhouses are usually built in U-shape. Thus, the courtyard between the buildings is usually of a good size and is closed by a gate giving on the street. Their walls, between the wooden beams, can also be painted with bright colours and the windows often comprise shutters.

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