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Périgueux is located 50km north from Bergerac, right in the centre of the authentic “Perigord Blanc”. The 2,000 year-old capital ̶ called préfecture in French ̶ of the Dordogne has everything to satisfy foreigners who hope to grab a touch of the French culture and art de vivre. Part of the Aquitaine region, well-heeled Perigueux is indeed a perfect illustration of the rich and relaxing South West of France.


Périgueux has recently been granted second “best place to live in Aquitaine” after Bordeaux. Such a prize is not surprising given the wide range of settings and properties it has on offer. Thus, the local tourism is meant to be developed accordingly: preserving the architectural and historical heritage and boosting Perigueux appeal for second home buyers.

Buying to let is becoming really frequent in that area; as the local property market is gradually increasing, this may offer a good capital growth – and allow every nature lover to explore the cradle of the well-known black truffles.

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Perigueux Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The original “White Perigord” (central portion of the department) remains wild and preserved – which may satisfy both holidaymakers keen on nature and potential investors who search for quietness. With more than 30,000 inhabitants, Périgueux is livelier than other typical French villages and accounts for the seducing, historic towns of Southern France.

The honey-coloured houses located a quick walk (march = military, demonstration) away from the woods or from the Isle river banks, in mild inland areas, exemplify perfect second homes.

The average price for a property to buy in Perigueux is €1,830/sq m, which is quite reasonable considering the growing popularity of the region and the fact that around, prices are soaring (for instance, 65km south, in Sarlat la Caneda).

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Périgueux

Given the potential of the town, Périgueux’s council lately initiated its development project with the support of bigger European organisations dedicated to the architectural heritage. From the little Roman streets to the massive Renaissance-style stone houses, the little-known town of Perigueux has indeed everything to amaze you!

  • Perfect location: situated in the very centre of the Dordogne, Perigueux is the ideal place to stay when you feel like touring the authentic Perigord, exploring the unspoilt and peaceful surroundings, following the “Route de la Noix” (a tour of the walnut farms) through the Corréze department or the Route des Vins (for a wine tasting trip) around Bordeaux!

  • Medieval artefacts: from the amphitheatre and Vesunna Temple in the Gallo Roman quarter to the wall paintings on original facades (called “trompe-l’oeil” in French as they astonishingly represent the reality), Perigueux’s town centre is definitely worth a visit!

  • A large choice of activities accordingly varied landscapes: a hot air balloon flight over the Dordogne rolling hills is the perfect way to take the most of the scenery! But walking in the Isle Valley or throughout the gardens of the amphitheatre, and golfing in the outskirts of the town are also great holiday deals.

  • St Front cathedral: this breathtaking building recalls the St Mark Cathedral of Venice. Mixing the Roman and Byzantine architecture styles, the iconic cathedral of Saint Front was erected in the 12th century in the very centre of Périgueux, alongside the river Isle.

  • New transport facilities: Bergerac airline companies recently introduced direct flights to London and Birmingham amongst others, making travels from the UK to the Dordogne much easier. Let’s avoid the bustling hubs of Paris or Bordeaux and benefit from this modern regional airport (45 min away from Périgueux) – waiting for Perigueux-Bassillac airport to be developed, hopefully.

Property Styles and Architecture in Périgueux

Perigueux is the major town of the White Perigord, which received its nickname from the white limestone, very common in the area. An overview of the properties in the famous Périgord Blanc allows you to realise how rich and refreshing southern France can be!

  • Urban houses: illustrating the nickname of the region, urban houses in Périgueux are generally made up with white limestone. These elegantly decorated, majestic properties used to be the wealthy local merchants’ dwellings. Their light facades were mainly inspired by the renowned Renaissance architecture style.

  • Rural houses: the traditional properties located in the countryside of the Dordogne have mainly the same layout – the materials only change from “a Perigord” to another. Perigueux surroundings offer foremost longère-style farmhouses made of limestone or schist, with flat Roman-tiled roofs. Such massive and convenient properties were built or refurbished to suit the 18th and 19th-century farmers’ daily life.

  • Maisons de Maître: generally referred to as the local richest farmers’ properties, the French Maisons de Maître are still a common sight around Périgueux, in the Perigord countryside. This property style features a symmetric layout on both sides of a corridor, a rendered facade covered with ivy and a great piece of land.

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