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The Lot-et-Garonne department is an ever popular destination for those who long for quietness, bliss and nature. With the Garonne and Lot Rivers flowing through, the picturesque neighbouring regions of Dordogne, Quercy and Gascony, Lot et Garonne is so appealing and not overrun with tourists, for now.


The northernmost portion is known as the Pays du bois (due to abundant woods) when pays des serres refers to the land between the two valleys. The southwestern corner is part of the well-know Landes forest.

Lot et Garonne is littered with small yet lively villages – with original names on top of that! From Duras, which reminds us of the renowned writer Marguerite Duras, to Pujols, evoking a famous baseball player to some of us, this department of southern France is a gold mine for both nature and culture lovers.

One of Lot et Garonne’s assets is that most properties in that region offer great views over the Garonne or the Lot, lush gardens or wooded surroundings crying out to be explored. Lot-et-Garonne inhabitants have highly invested in their local properties, most of them are owners and detached houses are the main accommodation. Buying a holiday or second home there is quite popular whilst rentals tend to be less sought-after.

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Lot et Garonne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Compared to the neighbouring Perigord or Gers, the Lot et Garonne still holds some bargains in terms of French property. Either for a southern-style village home or a traditional stone house in green settings, this central department is the perfect place to invest in a second home.

Being perfectly located, halfway between the Gers, the Tarn et Garonne and the Lot, Agen is indeed the most attractive town – and the property market has soared accordingly. €145,000 on average to buy an ancient house in Lot et Garonne, allow rather €155,000 for a traditional southern property in Agen or Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

Despite occasional slowing down, the housing prices in the region have been growing over the last decade. Given the latest perturbations, 2008 average price was €1,250/ sq m whilst it was €1,650/ sq m a few years ago. Long term investments may offer great returns in the future as the Lot-et-Garonne is increasingly appealing amongst foreign purchasers – so is the whole Aquitaine region.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Lot et Garonne

Given nature’s bounty and the authentic art de vivre of this western area, Lot et Garonne is often referred to as the French Tuscany. The mild climate and miscellaneous landscapes are other reasons for its popularity.

  • Outdoor activities: from cricket grounds and country clubs to golf courses, Lot-et-Garonne is littered with high-standard sport centres. Generally blend into a peaceful setting, these clubs are very popular and the ambience is friendly. If you feel like golfing holidays, head for Marmande, Bon-Encontre, Casteljaloux or Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

  • Rivers: as the name indicates, the Lot et Garonne department is crossed by two rivers, the Lot in the north portion and the Garonne in the south. Thus, the area is not only lush and fertile but also comprises great fishing/angling deals and water sport clubs taking the most of the valleys.

  • Adventure holiday deals: for adventurous and sporting breaks, do test the entertaining “accrobranche” parks in the Lède valley or in the pays d’Albret, ideal for families. If you want to combine activities and visits, you can go on the “Green Route” (Voie Verte in French), a 87km-long canal of the Garonne crossing the whole department which offers great ways for cycling, walking or riding as well as animations and friendly events.

  • ”Healthy” lifestyle: according to American surveys, the south west region of France, and more especially Lot-et-Garonne, boasts one of the lowest rates of heart-related diseases and longest expectancies of life. Drinking regularly (and moderately) some local French wine would be one of the explanations. Let’s enjoy the southern lifestyle and indulge your tastebuds – and health – with a glass of Buzet or Duras wine?

  • Transports: Lot et Garonne has a real central position – 1h away from Toulouse and Bordeaux on motorway, 4h by train and 1h20 by plane (Paris-Agen). An easy and swift way to escape from your hectic everyday life!

Local Property Market: 5 Popular Towns

  • Agen property: the main asset of the town is the delightful, locally produced, prune which has made the pride of the Agenais for a long time now, but this lovely town also has a plethora of ancient properties on offer.
  • Marmande property: this picturesque town is situated in the north of the Lot et Garonne, a few miles away from Eymet (in the Dordogne). Marmande is one of the Lot et Garonne sub-prefectures, boosting the whole north-east portion of the department.
  • Monclar property: in the middle of the quaint Quercy, north Agen, Monclar is a little village mainly renowned for being part of the way of St James. The surroundings abound with cereal fields and orchards – especially to produce the local prunes.
  • Nérac property: capital of the famous “Pays d’Albret” in the south of the department, bordering the Gers, Nérac is an important city when it comes to humanities and literature, the nearby castle is outstanding and Henri IV’s Museum is well worth a visit.
  • Villeneuve sur Lot property: close to the village of Monclar, in the Quercy area, this medieval Bastide town is a real haven of peace. Villeneuve is also appreciated for it offers riverside properties and a leisurely – relaxing – way of life.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Lot et Garonne

As many other south-western departments, the Lot et Garonne architecture as you can still see it is rooted in Middle Ages traditions. Timbered houses, central market squares, cobbled streets – the main layout dates back to the 15th-century bastide towns.

In the wooded countryside though, hamlets and farmhouses are the major property styles. We should not forget that the department used to be very dynamic for the whole Aquitaine region in terms of agriculture – the prune production being one of the top assets!

  • Bastides: extended from the market square, all medieval towns provide the same layout and include the same “bastide” properties: timbered facades, arcades with timber roofs, rich ornament. As the Middle Ages were marked by soaring trade and growing population, town houses could be potentially developed.

  • Castles: when touring the Lot et Garonne, you cannot help being amazed by the fairy medieval castles in Duras or Bonaguil surrounded by acres of sunflower fields and rolling hills.

  • ”Maisons de Notable”: this noteworthy property style is quite similar to what we know as “Maisons de Maître”, the difference lying in the landlords’ status. The “Maisons de notable” were indeed for small land holding, comprising several buildings such as a cowshed, a wine warehouse, a garden shed. The massive dwelling generally features a long-pitched slate roof, limestone cut-stones, one or two storeys and sometimes a central tower.

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