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Anglet is a lovely commune composed of 2 coastal quarters, Chiberta and Chambre d'Amour, which are part of the Basque country (former province of Labourd, Gascony). This commune is pretty spread: its centre is situated between Biarritz (3.8 km away) and Bayonne (4.6 km away) and its 11 beaches are located northern from Biarritz. The river Adour accesses the Atlantic Ocean at the end of these beaches. Formerly a vast market garden area, Anglet has changed a lot since its creation. This commune is more and more dynamic and grows rapidly each year. You will find there the calm of a typical Basque village and the beaches of a sea resort.


The 37,900 Angloys (Anglet’s inhabitants) have the chance to live in a dynamic commune, which is still growing nowadays. Anglet forms a communauté d’agglomération with Biarritz and Bayonne (BAB: Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne) and is only 5 minutes away by car from the airport. Located between the ocean and the forest, Anglet is a great place where to go to relax. It has managed to retain its own identity despite the close proximity of the famous towns of Biarritz and Bayonne. This commune will definitely seduce you!

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Anglet Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Until 2005, property prices in Anglet have been soaring with an increase of 22% in 2004 for instance. Since 2006, they have still been raising but much less (only +2.4% in 2007). Property prices in Anglet, as in Bayonne and Biarritz are pretty high. A property to buy costs about €3,580 / square metre. It is even higher than the average housing price in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department (€3,227 /sq m). On the 19,830 properties in Anglet, only a few ones are second homes. Indeed, more than 80% of them are main houses.

There are approximately as many houses (48.5%) as apartments (49%) in Anglet. In any case, the majority of the properties have minimum 4 rooms. Only 5.5% of Anglet’s properties are studio flats! If you plan to buy an ancient apartment, you should plan to spend between €2,420 / square metre and €4,490 / square metre – depending, of course, on the number of rooms.

The actual town-planning of Anglet will be amended in order to be able to meet the commune’s stakes in terms of housing. There is a real wish to extend Anglet, so the town-planning has a major place in the commune’s interests.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Anglet

Anglet is both a charming typical Basque town and a great seaside resort, which does not suffer from the tourists’ invasion in summer! It has many assets, below are only few of them.

  • Green town: 10% of Anglet’s territory is covered in pine forest. There are many parks and gardens. The commune really deserves this title of “green town” as it belongs to the French villes fleuries category 4" (good attention paid to gardens and flowers. We can compare this ville fleurie ”award” system to the hotel one: 1 to 5 stars).

  • Location: Anglet is perfectly situated: the town centre is located in the inland of the in the former Labourd province (Basque country) and its coast along the Atlantic ocean. The commune is located at the heart of the BAB (Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne) agglomeration, which is the second most important urban area in the Aquitaine region after Bordeaux. 4 km of fine sand beaches, 250 ha of pine forest, garden and parks…All these assets added to a mild oceanic climate: Anglet has all the assets to attract people from all over the world!

  • Activities: as in many sea resorts along the Atlantic coast, surfing is the most popular sport amongst all, but numerous other sports and pursuits are available in Anglet: body boarding, skating, rollerblading, horse-riding, golfing, practising ice hockey, beach rugby / volley, kayak, etc. Golf also has a great importance, as the Chiberta golf course is one of the most beautiful of the Basque coast. This 18-hole links hosted a qualifying tournament for the golf French Open a few years ago.

  • Nature: added to its numerous gardens and parks, Anglet also has a new environmental park called Izadia. Located at the mouth of the Adour river, along the Atlantic ocean, this park is perfect for families. There is a permanent exhibition which introduces the park’s stakes and the environmental problems in general thanks to explanatory signs, audiovisual and interactive games. Take your time to admire intact and beautiful flora and fauna. You can visit the Izadia park on your own or with a guide.

  • Events: many events take place in Anglet all year round. Here are few examples amongst others: Basque pelota contest, French surfing championship, World longboard championship, theatre, music festivals, beach rugby / volley festival, etc. These events often take place on Anglet’s numerous beaches.

Property Styles and Architecture in Anglet

As in many parts of the Aquitaine region, we can find typical architecture styles in Anglet. There are still particularities depending upon the location of the towns and their surroundings.

  • Bastide properties: massive houses with a rectangular shape, white-painted walls, coloured shutters and doors. There are always many rooms in these kind of houses, which are surrounded with a huge garden and have a terrace and a private swimming-pool.

  • Typical Basque houses: the main features of this architecture style are white (walls) and red (door, shutters, balconies, etc.) colours, massive dimensions, large walls and tiled roofs. Another particularity of these typical houses for the Basque country is that the name of the house owner is written above the door on a sign in wood.

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