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In the Brittany region, Quiberon is a town situated at the far end of a peninsula in the Morbihan’s gulf. For a long time, it has been famous for its production of sardines, fished in Quiberon’s bay and canned in the town. This made a lot of people from the neighbouring departments come to work during the fishing season. Nowadays, it is above all well-known for tourism, thanks to its oceanic weather and its ten thin sand beaches!


With the arrival of the train in this region in the late 19th century, the tourism has been thriving. In 1924, Quiberon was classified as health resort. A casino was built, and the town became a popular sea resort. It is due to its wonderful beaches and to the warm sea (in comparison with the region) thanks to the Bay which allows this. Quiberon and its peninsula are really a beautiful place to live. The narrow peninsula gives the impression of being in harmony with the sea, which surrounds you anywhere you are. The landscape it offers you is simply splendid, as are the many sandy beaches. The west coast of the peninsula remains wild, as it is protected. There, we find a particular flora like carnations, heathers, violets, brooms and armerias. You can visit this place by foot or by doing horse riding and sea kayaking.

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Quiberon Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Quiberon is a beautiful commune in a wonderful peninsula. It’s really a gem of Morbihan’s gulf. But the prices of properties are also very high for the department, with an average of more than € 4,000/ sq m in 2009! This is due to Quiberon’s popularity as a sea resort. It explains the high proportion of second homes which is around 64%. Only 32% of the properties belong to people who live there all-year round!

In Quiberon, you will find a majority of houses (72%), which are usually large (with 4 bedrooms).

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Quiberon

  • Sea resort: it is known that the beaches of the south of Brittany are often large and sandy. The ones in Quiberon are especially known as being marvellous, due to the surroundings which add charm to them. A Breton headlight, majestic cliffs and the harbour can be seen just next to the beaches.
  • Rhythm of life: being a sea resort, the rhythm of life in Quiberon is quite different from the one you can expect elsewhere. During summer, you will mix with tourists who spend holidays and so, are here to take their time and enjoy it. Thus, you will benefit from their rhythm and you will feel like on holidays.
  • Auction: one of the main activity of the peninsula was formerly the fishery of sardines. Today, tourism has replaced it to become the first source of revenue. However, the fishery is still an important activity, and the daily auction on the Maria harbour is a good example. Every day, 150 ships come from the surroundings to sell their fish and shellfish and it is really typical. Go and see it… what a pleasure to live next to the sea!

Property Styles and Architecture in Quiberon

Quiberon is a popular small sea resort nowadays, and a law prevents people from building tall and ugly buildings on the seafront. As a consequence, the number of properties that can be built or bought is not unlimited. Thus, old houses are often renovated and converted into holidays home, and the typical architecture style of the region tends to disappear.

  • Villas: Quiberon is a holiday destination, with its 64% of second homes. The town is also quite expensive in comparison with the rest of the Morbihan department. The architectural “landscape” thus reflects this and lots of beautiful villas can be seen in Quiberon. Often, they are big and luxurious.
  • Single-storey houses: beside Villas, single-storey houses exist. Maybe a bit less luxurious, they are however of a very good size and most of them were renovated with taste.
  • Terraced-houses: in the town centre of Quiberon, some small terraced-houses are for sale. Near shops, the area is animated mainly during summer. These houses are old constructions compared with the new villas with sea view, and sometimes need to be renovated.

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