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Sancerre is a 1,789-inhabitant village located in Cher, in the Centre region. The inhabitants are called the Sancerrois. They boast a high quality of life in this village which has many assets.


Sancerre is a medieval village situated in the Berry, a former French province. Perched on a rocky mountain at 312m of altitude, the lovely village overlooks the Val de Loire Valley and offers a great panorama over the area. The numerous hills and vineyards create a particular atmosphere and invite people to relax and enjoy the unspoilt nature. Sancerre is located about 2km from the left bank of the Loire River, 43km to the north-east of Bourges. The village had, during the Middle Ages, one of the strongest castles of France.

The locals can be proud of their village. Apart from the nice setting, the area also has delicious produce on offer. Two AOC produce (controlled origin) come from the village: the crottins de Chavignol (goat cheese) and Sancerre’s wines. This added to the other assets of the town make Sancerre one of the most popular touristy destination of the Centre region.

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Sancerre Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Centre region is far from being one of the most expensive French areas in terms of property prices. If we look at the property market in regions such as Paris-Ile-De-France or Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur, prices are incredibly high. The Centre region is perfect for those looking for tranquillity, beautiful sceneries, castles and good wines. Between the famous Paris, traditional Pays-de-la-Loire, appreciated Burgundy and rural Limousin, Centre attracts plenty of French and foreign holidaymakers every year. This area is a nice place to settle in given its central position in the country and its pretty low housing prices.

The average property price in the Cher department is €1,735/square metre, an affordable price in comparison with the national average (€3,197/sq m). 75.7% of the properties in Sancerre are main houses. The proportion of vacant dwellings is high: 12.4%. The majority of the properties on offer in the medieval village are houses (69.7%) with several rooms (30% of 5-room houses, 27.2% of 4-room ones.).

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Sancerre

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: the Notre Dame Church (17th-19th centuries), Saint Père la None Church, belfry (16th c.) and Tour des Fiefs are worth seeing when visiting the village. The latter is a cylinder-shaped dungeon dating from the 14th century. It is one of the last vestiges of the castle of the Counts of Sancerre. There are many ancient houses in the narrow and quaint streets of the village. Art lovers will find numerous art galleries. The villages of Chavignol and Amigny, amongst others, are not to be missed either.

  • Good food: Sancerre has varied local specialities on offer. The crottin de Chavignol is a fine AOC goat cheese (Appellation d’Origine Controlée). Biscuits such as the Lichou and croquets (almond biscuits) are also local produce. A delicious praline with butter and grapes dark chocolate-coated is produced in the area: le fût de Pinard. Fromagerie caveaux de degustation

  • Wines: very productive vineyards surround the village and Sancerre’s wines are granted for their quality with an AOC label. Sancerre’s vineyards spread over about 2,770 hectares on the left bank of the Loire River. Do taste Sancerre white wines with seafood, cheese or even foie gras. Red and rosé wines will be much appreciated with white meats such as duck or chicken cooked with sauces (curry for instance). Many people come in the area to visit wine cellars and taste the local wines.

  • Traditions: locals perpetuate many traditions: in wine-growing, but also in the village’s life. Many folk traditions are still present in the area, creating therefore an authentic atmosphere which attracts many French and foreign holidaymakers willing to learn more about the local culture. Whether it be thanks to brotherhoods or local folk groups, the traditions of Sancerre are honoured all year round.

Property Styles and Architecture in Sancerre

  • Town houses: such properties can be found everywhere in France. Their features may vary but they have a common characteristic which is their location and closeness to all amenities (schools, shops, doctors, supermarkets, etc). In Sancerre, town houses have most of the time large dimensions and come with a garden, garage, cellar and also an attic. These properties are perfect for families.

  • Farmhouses: sometimes in need of renovation, farmhouses are authentic properties built in stone. They come with several outbuildings and a large piece of land, offering thus many possibilities of extension. It is not rare to find barns which used to belong to farmhouses’ domains but were sold separately. Once renovated, barns can become large and luxurious loft. Even if the outside of the properties (farmhouses and barns) are really rustic, the inside can be rather modern, giving all the originality to the dwelling.

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