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Nicknamed the Berry’s Venice, Argenton-sur-Creuse is a 5,180-inhabitant town of the south of the Indre department, in the Centre region of France. This dynamic and welcoming commune of the Berry area will probably seduce most of you. The modern districts, streets and back alleyway perfectly fit in the scenery along with the authentic old quarters of the Middle Ages. Argenton sur Creuse still regroups beautiful medieval homes which are worth seeing.

The Creuse River flows through the town: you will appreciate walking along the river, which will let you admire the mills. In the town centre, visit the Bonne Dame chapel and admire the landscapes and the view over the peaceful river.

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Argenton sur Creuse Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Argenton sur Creuse offers a good rental market, as over 41% of the inhabitants are tenants. This could be an interesting location if you are looking for a buy-to-let investment. In the Indre department, property prices are €1,263 /square metre, a very low average considering the national property price of €3,197 /square metre. In Argenton-sur-Creuse, prices dropped significantly between March 2008 and July 2008. This consequence of the current real estate crisis (in 2009) encourage many people to invest in properties while prices are lower than one year ago.

Due to the decrease in property prices in the town, this should be the right moment to buy a property either as a main home / second home or for a let. Prices may be higher in some areas of the department, especially near the large towns or the cities, but it is still possible to drive a bargain in rural zones.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Argenton sur Creuse

  • Archaeological heritage: Argentomagus is a wonderful archaeological site. This Gallo-Roman town is home to a modern museum which will take you on a unforgettable adventure through History. The museum uses the latest technology (audiovisual displays, touch screens…). A great visit for archaeology lovers!

  • Tranquillity and scenery: the town being located in the countryside, this is an idyll for nature lovers. There, you will benefit from the quietness of the area as well as of the local landscapes (hills, cliffs, river…). You will discover a typical French art de vivre, the rural one.

  • Location – transport links: even if located in the countryside, Argenton sur Creuse possesses its own railway station. The latter leads to Chateauroux, from where it is quite easy to travel to several destinations such as Paris, Orléans or Limoges. The town is only 2 and a half hours from Paris, a hub from which you can fly to any French and international destination.

Property Styles and Architecture in Argenton sur Creuse

Argenton boasts many kinds of properties, even if it generally remains classic. There, you can pitch on a farmhouse, cottage, detached houses, town houses, bungalow, stone property… Let’s quote some of them below:

  • Farmhouses: they are usually large properties made up of cheap and local materials (farmers did not use to be rich people). They come with a large land which can be used for agricultural purposes. Located in rural areas, they offer calmness, tranquility and beautiful view over the surroundings. Some farmhouses may need renovation, but in this case they are very cheap and bargains can be driven!

  • Stone houses: they may be of any type (town house, farmhouse, cottage…). They are charming properties often coming with a piece of land (especially when located in the countryside). Inside, beams are sometimes exposed, which gives more character to the house. The roof is made of tiles and often holds shed dormers. These lovely stone houses are ideal if you are looking to settle in the area.

  • Town houses: they are often attached to other properties and situated in the town centre, which is an advantage since close to all amenities (shops…). Town houses maybe interesting for those who plan a let. They may come with a garden and a fireplace. These houses are often full of potential and may need some works (however some can be found renovated or habitable).

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