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Located in the Indre-et-Loire department, in the Centre region, Loches agglomeration gathers 10,000 inhabitants, called the Lochois, if we take into account Beaulieu-lès-Loches, Ferrière-sur-Beaulieu and Perrusson. The town expands at the foot of the castle, which used to be a royal residence. The old town with its numerous old houses built between 1450 and 1550 places side by side in the west of the castle, while the modern town stands in the north west.


During Middle Ages Loches was situated in an important communication axis, between Amboise and Poitiers. It was also on the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle walk way. Hence in the 12th century, Loches became a small medieval town with the older donjon in Europe, built during 1000. However, Loches heyday was during the Renaissance, when the town was as influential as Tours or Chinon.

Nowadays, thanks to its historical heritage, Loches is listed as an “Art and History Town”, but also as "Town in Blossom", and finally as one of the “most beautiful detour of France”. It is a very popular town among British people, who are numerous to set up in this part of the Touraine area.

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Loches Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Loches is a peaceful but lively town, which has managed to preserve its medieval charm while adapting to the modern life. This lovely town is also very affordable. Indeed, with €1,631 /sq m, house prices are quite low comparing to the national average (€3,197 /sq m). Moreover as in April 2009 prices decreased by 2.16%, it might be the good time to invest. With 48% of residents being tenants, and with all the visitors going to the area in summer, buying a property in Loches can also be an excellent buy-to-let investment!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Loches

  • Street markets: being a medieval town, street markets in Loches can not be missed. In the coloured and attractive market, located at the heart of the town, you will find twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) a mass of agricultural produce, as much as manufactured products. In addition to the traditional street markets, you will also found theme markets, such as the flea market the last Sunday of May, night markets in summer, and a Christmas market.

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: as Loches used to be an influential town during Middle Ages and above all during Renaissance, many wealthy and aristocratic, and even royal people used to visit and live in the area. Thanks to these special visits the area developed a lot and nowadays we can see the vestiges of this golden age through the architecture and the medieval quarter.

  • Architectural style: the most impressive piece of architecture in Loches might be the Donjon. It is a Roman donjon, outstanding for its size (36 metres high) and its excellent state. It is the last on date donjons built by Foulques Nerra, Anjou’s Count, between 1013 and 1035. The 11th century fortress is a perfect example of what used to be the military architecture in Europe. During the 15th century it was transformed as a royal prison, as Louis XI stayed there during 7 years. The royal door is another interesting piece of architecture. It used to be the only way to enter the town. It was built between the 12th and the 13th century and was completed during the 15th century. Finally, the Collégiale St-Ours is a beautiful combination of the Roman and Gothic architectural styles, as a result of being built during two centuries (the 11th and the 12th). According to some people, it is a strange and wild beauty building, unique in the world!

  • Tourism : as already mentioned, there are many monuments in Loches that are worth visiting, especially for their beautiful architecture. Between others, do not miss the Logis royal (the royal dwelling). Built in height in order to tower above the Indre valley, it used to be one of Valois’s favourite dwellings during the 100 years war. Charles VII was the one who started the construction of the building, followed by its heirs. Three renowned women marked the story of the dwelling: Jeanne d’Arc, Agnès Sorel and Anne de Bretagne. The Chancellerie is another monument you must not miss. It a Renaissance building and is home to an exhibition on Loches history. Finally, the Town Council is a Renaissance building places side by side to a beautiful medieval door. The building was built between 1535 and 1543, under François 1er supervisory control.

Property Styles and Architecture in Loches

  • Longere: according to its name, it is a long house that can reach until 30 metre long. This dwelling is more common in Brittany, however you will find some of them in Touraine. They are usually no more than 2 storey high and they used to include a main dwelling composed of 2 rooms, and stables and workshop. Of course, nowadays these longeres have been restored and the whole building is habitable, which makes them quite big houses. Usually on the ground floor you will find the kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a bathroom with separated toilet. The stairs would lead to bedrooms, 2 or 3 depending on the size, another bathroom. As the house is very long, the garage might be included at one end of the house. Located outside of the city, the property also comes with a huge piece of land, either garden, or a wood land.

  • Traditional cottage: traditionaly the cottage was a small farmer’s house. Nowadays, these houses have been restored and sometimes enlarged. They come with a piece of garden, a courtyard and a garage. They are usually 2 storey high. In the ground floor you will find the kitchen with a fireplace and terracotta tiled floor, a lounge with a fireplace and clay tiled floor, a bathroom with separated toilet, and the stairs. The latter leads to bedrooms, 2 or 3 depending on the size, and another bathroom. This dwelling is perfect for a second home; however, if you transform it into a gîte you will be sure to rent it during summer time.

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