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Ingré is a French commune, part of the Loiret department and of the Cher region of France, located to the south of Paris. The French commune accounts for 7,970 inhabitants. The town of Ingre is located to the north west of Orléans, approximately 3 miles from the biggest town of the department, and benefits a lot from this proximity.

Ingré benefits from the best of two worlds, being both urban and rural. The town is also lively thanks to many (70) formal associations and clubs offering a plenty of activities. The French town will be soon twinned with another town in Europe, which underlines the interest for such exchanges amidst the population and authorities. Expatriates will thus find a good place to settle.

When it comes to property, Ingré offers inexpensive houses and apartments, below €2,000 /sq m, which means that property there is 5 times less expensive than in Paris, and €1,000 below property prices noticed in the neighbouring Orléans. An ideal place for buy-to-let investments, with a great rental potential as well.

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Ingré Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France in 2009 costs €3,197 /sq m on average. In the Centre region of France, a property costs €2,159 /sq m. In the neighbouring Orléans, property is worth €2,300 /sq m, when a property in Ingré is generally worth €1,600 /sq m. Buying property in this area of Loiret is a clever choice as the demand is steady. Indeed, the Loiret department and Ingré as well as the neighbouring Orléans offer assets that Paris can rarely provide: a great surrounding environment, greenery and a globally calm atmosphere.

When it comes to apartment figures, the neighbouring Orléans offers property at €1,890 /sq m, studio flats cost €2,130 /sq m. One can reasonably expect to pay less than this for such a property in Ingré. With the many commuters and the touristy potential of this Centre region, which has most of France’s castles, such an investment is easily repaid.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Ingré

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: the area has plenty of architectural and historical venues on offer. The many châteaux, mills and mansions are often very well preserved as this region was formerly one where kings went on holiday. Many of these monmuents were thus well maintained. Drawing many visitors, this is an explanation why investing in Loiret is a good choice.

  • Good food: local Loiret specialities, combined with the produce of local farmers, makes it easy to live an healthy life in Ingré. Specialities are the Pithiviers, a cake made from eggs, sugar, butter, rum and almonds. The Cotignac is a gorgeous jelly-like quince paste very liked by kings in past centuries. These specialities are little-known but make the joy of any visitor to the area.

  • Activities: the town offers the many pleasures associated with rural areas such as sports (hiking, walking…) and the authorities strive to provide many cultural and leisure events such as concerts. The neighbouring Orléans is ideal for those of you who like to go out and enjoy the nightlife. The countryside around and especially the Beauce is perfect for those of you who prefer to rest and enjoy the landscapes. Ingré is the inexpensive choice to live in the countryside but next to a big town and 1hr from the capital city of France.

  • Location – transport links: Ingré is easy to access. Being 5 miles from Orléans, Ingré is one hour from Paris by train. By plane, landing in one of Paris airports or in Tours airport (from Stanted for ex.) is a good solution. Driving, you will access Ingré through the A10 motorway.

  • Return on investment: return on investment and rental opportunities are at their highest in the discreet town of Ingré. Located hardly 1 hr from Paris and in a quite successful touristy area, renting property there is not a risky investment, as long as you buy within moderate distance from the station of Fleury Les Aubrais (north of Orléans) or Orléans town centre. The town is an inexpensive and clever alternative to buying in the very dear Paris, and possesses all the necessary amenities.

Property Styles and Architecture in Ingré

Ingré offers a variety of property styles. In the town centre, many town houses can be found. Mansions and maisons de maitre are rare. The layout of these properties is symmetrical and the aspect is massive. Exposed stones can be seen on their walls. They generally have dormer windows and outbuildings. Sometimes, a pigeonnier (dovecote) comes with the house, giving it an even higher value. On the roofs, both tiles or slates can be found. In Ingré, farmhouses can also be found, this area really being inexpensive and very good value for money.

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