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Béziers is the second town of the Herault department thanks to its number of inhabitants (74,000 inhabitants called the Biterrois) and the 4th in the Languedoc Roussillon region. The town is located amidst meadows and along the Orb River. It is a very ancient town as it was created around 700 BC. For the last decade the town has known a fast development due to its connection with the A75 motorway and to people leaving the busy Montpellier to settle there.

The setting around is quite picturesque. Located hardly 20 km from the Mediterranean sea and only 50 km from the Haut Languedoc and Tarn mountains (altitude about 1,000 m), Beziers is the largest town in Languedoc when it comes to the land size it spreads over (9,548 ha); only half of the town land being in fact urbanised. Indeed, the town is packed with lovely gardens, agricultural lands planted with vines and protected natural sites.

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Béziers Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Beziers is very accessible in terms of property prices. This may be a reason why some Herault inhabitants flee Montpellier to settle in the area. The average price of a property in the town is around €1,781.1 / sq m, which represents just half the price of the department average (€3,053 / sq m)!

Rental prices are around €8.33 / sq m / month, which is also quite reasonable. The buy-to-let market in Beziers is almost only dedicated to holiday stays as students are not very numerous. The city is close to the sea and mountains (less than one hour away by car), assets which can easily be bankable to prospective holidaymakers.

The town is very eco-friendly with lots of gardens and parks. This ensures a sound environment around your property.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Beziers

Beziers is a little-known gem located in the Herault department. Here are the main reasons why you should buy a property there.

  • Authentic lifestyle: bullfighting tradition, rugby, breathtaking architecture, good food and wine... Beziers is not only a town; a comprehensive ‘art de vivre’ comes with it. The town is definitely rooted in Mediterranean traditions and is proud of it. The Spanish influence is subtle but still strong (bullfighting, wine bars, etc.).

  • Very low property prices: if you wish to settle in the south of France but cannot afford the prices of the busy Montpellier or the trendy Agde, why not try Beziers? This discreet town has lots on offer along with a strong development potential. Located only few kilometres from the Mediterranean coast (the no direct access to the coast explains why prices are low), Beziers also offers great rental opportunities. In summer particularly, many tourists prefer the relatively quietness of this beautiful town, that the crowd of beach resorts.

  • Food and wine delights: the first vineyards of France were developed in Beziers. The town now has 107,800 ha of vineyards, the biggest wine producing area in the world. Many Languedoc Roussillon wines are renowned worldwide, such as the delicate Saint Chinian. The San Andiu wine is produced with the same method as the famous Champagne. The Cataroise is a sweet wine. Food specialties: Beziers has many local specialties, most notably the Poutous (honey sweets), the Biterrois (almond cake), the Titan (chocolate specialty).

  • Architectural heritage: with 2,700 years of history, Beziers has obviously many historical monuments on offer. The Saint Nazaire Cathedral is often mixed up with a castle and was rebuilt in a Mediterranean Gothic style after its destruction during the 13th century. The Madeleine church was built during the 10th century in a Roman style. As regards the Roman heritage, you will appreciate the Roman bridge, 1,000 year old and built over a former Roman bridge, as well as the Gallo Roman amphitheatre, built during the 1th century AD. Do not miss, between other monuments, the bullring, one of the seven largest ones in France.

Property Styles and Architecture in Beziers

Although Beziers has no real typical houses, it shares its architecture styles with the neighbouring villages.

  • Mas houses: the classic Languedoc Mas are generally old farms or farmhouses where silkworms were raised. These medium-to-large rural properties can adopt a classic or more Bastide-style architecture. They can be autonomous or part of a domaine. These houses easily bear the warmth of summer and the rigour of winter thanks to windows of small dimensions and sound materials used to build it (basically earth, stone and water).

  • Farmhouses: these very simple houses are remnants from past times, when farming was the main activity in the area (mainly cattle breeding). The Languedoc Roussillon farmhouse is built with local materials and has generally a L or U shape. Foundations are made of stone, walls of granite and beams are made of wood (often fir tree). The roof is gently sloping and upheld by the front façade walls.

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